Saturday, January 10, 2015

It was a good year! [2014 recap]

Since I'm wide awake at 1:30a, I figured I might as well finish this post up and publish it.  

I can't help my smile when I look back through our year.  I'm not saying we didn't have stress {both financially--I've mentioned before that 5 years of double daycare is brutal and logistically--Four people plus a large dog in a small condo is anything but easy!} but man did we have a lot of fun this year.  Not only were the large things like family vacations incredible, but the small things like afternoons spent splashing in mud puddles, evenings watching our nieces/nephews  play sports, Fridays spent exploring the city with the kids, & weekends hanging out at the lake.  I will forever be grateful for living close to family and having a job that provides flexibility for our schedule.

Here are a few of our many highlights in 2014....

We relaxed and caught up from a busy December.  Our sitter took a week off, so the kids spent a week with my parents, giving Adam and I several days to focus on each other again.

Adam & I attended Baconfest for the first time.  We also attended the Balloon Charity Classic again.  And, we traded in our Hyundai Santa Fe for a Dodge Grand Caravan.

Jordyn & I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my sisters and mom & started planning their showers.

We celebrated Easter in Montezuma with the Hubbard family & took family photos, but most importantly we celebrated Cullyn's 1st Birthday!

Adam & I took Jordyn to Sesame Street Live.  Both kids started Swimming Lessons.  We celebrated Ashley & Myles' Bachelor{ette} parties.  We sided the Lakehouse.  I co-hosted Alicia's Bachelorette party at the piano bar & hotel.  Adam went to Rocklahoma with the guys while I hit up Minneapolis with a girlfriend!

I ran a 1/2 marathon for the first time. We had an outdoor movie night with the Hubbards. We spent Father's Day at the lake.

We spend 10 days in Florida, watching my baby sister & Brad get married.  We also took the kids to Walt Disney World for the first time!  I traveling to Mexico to photograph a wedding.  We watched Adam's band play at the annual Balloon Festival.

Adam and I had an 'adult boating day' and casino/mini golf date.  We took the kids to the state fair, I spent my 28th birthday at the spa and then photographing another wedding.

Was spent in Mexico celebrating the marriage of my sister & Myles and my mom's 50th birthday!  We went to the Apple Orchard & watched Iowa lose to Iowa State. :(  Jordyn also started Preschool & Adam turned 34!!  Ashley & Myles also had a reception back home.

We took the kids to a couple of pumpkin patches and got professional family photos taken for the first time ever!  I ran a marathon relay with Alicia, Ashley, Katie, & Myles. And most importantly, Jordyn turned 3!  We celebrated Halloween & Adam & I celebrated our 5th Wedding anniversary.

I volunteered with my sister for the final time in 2014.  We hosted our first {& possibly last?!} friendsgiving.  We attended Thanksgiving at my sister & brother in laws, and I got a bad case of strep throat, causing me to cancel a photography session for the first time ever.

We celebrated Christmas all month long, with several parties & family get togethers!  I got sick again.  We rang in 2015 while listening to Adam's band play at the marina with friends.

Of course, throughout all of this we celebrated nieces/nephew's birthdays, anniversaries, did over 100 photoshoots, worked out, read over 100 books, and worked full time. It was a busy year, but it was filled with amazing memories!

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