Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iowa State Fair | 2014

::a month ago at the state fair::
{also, I'm clearly not good at narrowing photos down, so here are the top 100!}

Let's start with the rides.  This is the first year we've gone to the 'midway,' where the rides are. I should have guessed, after Disney the month before, she would want to ride the rides once she saw them.  I was totally ill-equipped and only had one fixed lens and my iPhone.  Plus it was the last thing we did that night, so it was pretty dark.  So get ready for blurry, but so memorable photos of my babies...

*Maybe next year we'll brave the Ferris-wheel

And of course, the food...

That's a fried Snickers bar.  My most favorite thing at the fair.  I wait all year for one of those! :)

Cullyn's first taste of mustard!

The animals....

The annual family photo! :)

And more...

Cully & Grandpa Dean

And more of the Iowa State Fair {2014}...

A new exhibit this year 'American Gothic'

The famous 'butter cow'

State Fair 2012 | State Fair 2013

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