Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hubbard Family Photos | April 2014

Easter weekend, we finally made good on a promise to my Mother In Law to take family photos.  We told her we would do this 14 months ago!  Plus, I've been dying for a family photo with Adam's family to match the family photos we took with my family.  However, it's easier to get 10 people {2 grandkids} together than it is to get 16 people {8 grandkids, 6 school aged and involved in sports!} together.

So, after church service, before Easter lunch {best way to motivate unenthusiastic men for photos, hold food until they cooperate!}, we went out to my inlaws front porch.  I have been waiting for proper photos in their front porch since I first saw it!  It's perfect.  Classic & meaningful!  Adam's father {Dean} was born and raised in this house.  When his mother was no longer able to take care of it, Adam's parents {Dean & Joy} purchased it and started fixing it up.  So this house holds a lot of memories for our family!  I hope we take family photos on this porch for years to come.    Okay, enough are the photos of my husband's beautiful family!    
And at the lake outside of town...

The Grandkids

Grandma Joy & Grandpa Dean

The Pargeons

The Minners

Us [Jordyn 2 1/2 | Cullyn 1]
Not bad for 30 minutes of shooting! :)

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  1. These are amazing!!! Love them. That front porch!! I want it!


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