Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outdoor Family Movie Night

All last summer I saw people hosting outdoor movies and I wanted to do it, but Jordyn was just too little {movies aren't really her thing}.  But this year I thought she would finally be able to enjoy the concept.  So I asked my sister in law if she were game for making it happen and she was excited like me.  So, the Thursday evening of Father's Day Weekend, we headed to the lake to do it.  My sister in law hosted it; she hung the 'screen', setup the projector, and popped popcorn.  I brought snacks & lights and my other SIL & MIL brought pop.  We set up yard chairs and backed our minivan up to use the 'stadium seating' {FYI…it rocks!}.  Last minute we added little tea light candles inside of mason jars to see better once it got dark {I would recommend those}. We ended up waiting longer than I expected for it to get dark {read: Cullyn was in bed for the whole thing!}, but everyone {especially Jordyn, she talked about this night for days!} enjoyed it.  Next time we do it, I'll put the lights behind the seating {away from the screen} because we weren't able to keep the lights on during the movie because they were too bright to see the screen well.

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