Tuesday, November 18, 2014

pumpkin patch. [2014]

Now that the snow has started falling, I figured I better post some of the photos from the pumpkin patch.  sigh But...it's still November, not even thanksgiving yet, so that makes it acceptable, right?!  

The photos until this point happened at this stand on the side of the road.  They used to have it at their house, and you could pick you're own, but they're relocated it to the street this year.  At first I was disappointed, but the owners are just so nice and the kids loved petting the animals and running around.  Plus, they had awesome pumpkins!

The only photo of the three of us from that night--clearly the kids missed the memo!

The second half of the photos are from the large orchard just North of us.  Adam worked late one night, so I took the kids for something fun to do.  Luckily, we already had a bunch of pumpkins, because the field {where you could pick your own} was almost completely out!  They still loved the hay ride.  Sadly we didn't have time for a lot of the fun stuff, but it wasn't a big deal because this is the same place we pick apples, so they had just played on everything the month before.  

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