Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{swimming lessons @ the Y}

Every Thursday in May, we went to the pool as a family for swimming lessons.  Our local YMCA has a 'water babies' class where the parents are in the water helping the babies learn to swim.  We took Jordyn when she was about 6 months {& had a wonderful experience!}, and wanted to take her again at 18 months, but the class was full and we couldn't get her in again before Cullyn was born.  So, I thought it would be fun to put both kids in the same class this year.  Unfortunately, the teachers {3 different girls in 3 weeks} were terrible and overall, it was just an awful experience.  

So, we went to the pool at our gym and practiced swimming skills.  I was SO impressed how well the kids did.  They both went under water, blew bubbles, floated & kicked {both front and back}, and jumped in to the pool.  Jordyn can also climb out of the pool by herself.  We also did lots of songs like London Bridge & The Wheels on the Bus.

Thank you Aunt Ashley for coming along to take photos for us! :)

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