Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Favorite Unplugged Travel Activities for Kids

There is nothing I love more than traveling with my crew.  Luckily for us, they travel pretty well.  From the time with were born we've been going to the lakehouse several weekends a month.  We took the kids to Michigan was Cullyn was 5 weeks old, and Jordyn went to South Padre Island at 8 months.  We drove to Florida when the kids were 1 and 2.  All this to say, our 'car bag' as accumulated over the years! :)  Above is from our road trip to Oklahoma and plane ride to Colorado last summer.  We also have Brain Quest in there, I'm not sure where is was for the photo!

1. The 50 States Book | We love this book & have been looking at it for years.
2. The 50 States Activity Book | Same here.  It's just a fun book to learn about the state you're heading to.
3. Books about where we're headed {usually from the library}
4. High Five/Highlights Magazines | My sister and her husband generously subscribe to this magazine for all of their nieces/nephews, so I usually hoard them when they come and save them for the car trips.  Bonus -- you can throw them away as they go through them, so you're accumulating one less thing as you go.
5. Reading Books | The kids always have a chapter book or two going, so they bring those along too.  Cullyn has no issues reading in the car, but if Jordyn has an empty tummy or if we're going through the mountains she is prone to car sickness, so we have stock in kids Dramamine.

1. Games on the Go 
2. Monopoly Deal
3. Spot It! 
4. Table Topics 
5. Would you Rather? 
6. iSpot 
7. OldMaid 

1. Usborne Activity Packs
2. Magnetic ABCs & 123s 
3. Wiki Sticks
2. Coloring books + colored pencils
3. Wiggle Box *A favorite for gas station fill ups

1. Chalkboard Laptop | bonus that it's a hard surface for other things
2. Magnetic ABCs + Flashcards | on a cookie sheet
3. This for a snack box | snacks always help pass the time :)

We're preparing for an epic RV trip in a couple of weeks, so I've added this and this to the collection. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Independence Day | 2020

I laugh when I look at the game plan for our July 4th weekend because we ended up working on yard!  And it was most definitely in the 90's!  We did however manage to squeeze in some fun between all of the work. :)