Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring is {finally} here! {+ 2 favorites for dogs}

You guys!  We had the looongest winter in the history this year!  Just when we thought it might be over, it returned.  Sigh.  But now that it's finally here it's been the best spring I remember in a long time!  Consistently in the 70's {my favorite temperature!} and now that we're living at the lakehouse, we're taking FULL advantage of it!  

Every night we've been walking on one of the many trails and ending at the lake.  Last summer we replaced our {always flooded} wooden dock with a nice new no maintenance one and added an awesome beach area for the kids to play in.  Last year, we brought Lola home in August and she was pretty little, so she never loved the lake, but this year?  She's totally making up for it!  She knows exactly what to do!  

After an hour of walking and an hour of swimming, we practically have to carry the poor girl to bed at night! haha!  Two of our favorites for Lola this year are this Dog Nerf Gun and this gorgeous collar and leash c/o Walk The Dog. That gun has provided hours and hours of entertainment on the trails and actually helped her learn the meaning of 'drop' because she's so excited for us to shoot it again.  The collar has been a game changer -- not only is it gorgeous, but it also has my phone number on in leather, so no clinking metal tags.  This wasn't a huge deal in our previous house, but since our temporary house is so tiny, it's a big deal.  Plus, it's amazing quality and since it's made with real leather, she even wears it in the lake when she swims.  As for the leash, I can attest to it's strength since Lola is still very much a puppy.  A puppy that loves to run after almost anything! ;)

*We were gifted these products, but no compensation was received for our thoughts. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

An Overdue Update

Life is going at full speed this month!  Here's the full scoop on everything that will hopefully answer some of the questions I've been getting...

ANKENY HOUSE | SOLD {in 11 days - woo hoo!} with a few ups and downs, but we're super excited for the new owners {fellow Cubs fans and owners of a Great Dane & Lab -- what a coincidence!}  We're moving next weekend!

LOLA | Oblivious to everything!  She's finally potty trained -- can I get an amen!  She's the happiest person in this house -- always!  She's a lover of the kids, digging in the mud outside, and eating allll the bones!  She's gotten huge!  Last I checked she was 53 pounds! 

311 HOUSE | Also known as the current lake house.  We had several buyers interested in this property before we put it on the market, but they all ended up falling through for one reason or another.  We thought for a bit we would be moving into this house until it sold, but last week a pre-approved buyer came it and bought it.  We're still waiting on an appraisal of this house, but Lord willing, that will be complete and good to go by the 23rd/24th.

CULLYN | Celebrating a birthday next week {so bittersweet!}  This boy is the biggest lover--so kind to everyone, except maybe his sister! ;)  He's super into spiking his hair and wearing cologne.  Oh, and Pokemon cards {much to his father's dismay}.  He's a little sponge in school and the biggest rule follower they've ever seen.  Perhaps a future police officer? ;)

275 HOUSE | Believe it or not, it's just a few houses down {on the same street} from our current lake house {which can get pretty confusing when you're having a conversation}.  I'll go into more details of the house once it's a done deal, but Adam and I couldn't be more excited to be moving into this house.  So.Much.Space! And Light!  They've accepted our offer, so we're just waiting to close on the other two houses so we can close on this.  If all goes well, we'll be sleeping in this house on May 2nd.  Please say a prayer for us!  

ADAM | More excited for this move than I could ever explain!  He will also be much closer to his work territory once we're in the new house.  He's also been having so many band gigs this year!  Other than that he's just been seeing how much he can watch on our Firestick. ;)

ME | Been purging and packing and like a mad woman!  Ridiculously excited to decorate and design a new house!  This is a long-term move, so we're hoping to make this space exactly what we want for the next 30 years!  Other than that I'm just anxious for the weather to warm up so we can get outside!  I've also been on a mission this past year to detoxify our house, so I've been researching natural replacements for all the toxins.  Other than that, I'm just dreaming of becoming debt free and replacing my Jeep with a minivan. :)  Oh, and our RV trip this summer!!  Last thing, my mama and I are headed to Texas {Dallas, but Waco for a day!}.  Send me all of your favorite spots if you have any!

I think that's it for now.  If I missed anything feel free to ask in the comments!

Monday, April 9, 2018

GOALS | April 2018

I'm keeping this list simple since 
1. we're already a week in and I'm just getting to this 
2. and we're hoping to move this month which is consuming all of our energy at this time 

Get windshield replaced
Read a book | I'm thinking either 7 or Of Mess and Moxie
Individual dates with the kids
Go on a date with Adam
Go on a family date | Bowling?  Rock Climbing?
Finish the kids' travel journals :: MN & NC
Pack both houses!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter 2018

All the Easter photos in one, so bear with me!

A couple weeks before Easter, we tried the shaving cream method of dying eggs.  The kids loved it.

Also new this year, we finally got Resurrection Eggs.  If you don't have a set yet, these are perfect for elementary and preschool aged children to learn the real meaning of Easter.  I snagged a set from Hobby Lobby at 40% off, but they also sell them on Amazon.  Worth every cent!  This kids know the Easter story enough to recite well to others -- way better than I did until I was confirmed {in 7th grade!!}

Easter weekend we made Resurrection Rolls -- another huge hit for the kids. We also woke up to baskets and went to church on Easter morning followed by lunch with Adam's family.  The highlight of the day was the Easter egg hunt put on by the mother in law -- she always finds the cutest activities to do with the kids.

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