Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mexico 2017

Adam and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Mexico!  A friend of ours {originally Adam's} got married there and she asked me to photograph the wedding and Adam to sing in it, so we couldn't say no! ;)  Believe it or not, it was the same resort I had been to with another bridal party -- a definite perk of being a wedding photographer! ;)

Anyways, these photos are a bit deceiving because it did rain a ton & was super windy while were were there {as in I was only in the pool for less than 2 hours & the beach up to my ankle, and most unfortunate of all the wedding & reception had to be moved inside--thankfully the bride & groom were SUCH troopers!!!} it was however 75-80* the whole time, which is the PERFECT temperature! All of that to say we had the most incredible time!  Adam and I both commented it was our best trip yet as a couple {in terms of connecting, perfect length of time, etc.}  It definitely helped that a bunch of our friends were on the trip with us, so we had time as a couple, time as a group {Adam's favorite}, & time alone {my favorite -- I read 3 books!} I came home so rested!! :)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

DSM Children's Playhouse

A few Friday's ago, I pulled Jordyn out of school a little early and took the kids to their first play.  The Des Moines Playhouse has a wonderful series for children.  The tickets are just $6 each {!!} and they act out childhood classics such as 'The Little Red Hen' and they're less than an hour in length - which is just perfect to introduce them to theater without boring them to death! ;)  They had such a great time and asked to go back, so I call that a WIN!  

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Other Good Reads

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