Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Kid's Christmas Break Plan


+ Have a family BOWLING date at the local bowling alley

+ Put a PUZZLE together

+ Bake Christmas COOKIES

+ Watch a MOVIE from the hot tub

+ Drive around and look at the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS with COCOA


+ Invite a friend for a SLEEPOVER

+ SLEEP in mom & dad's room

+ C -- Finish his BOOK

+ J -- Learn to do the 'BRIDGE' when shuffling & finish BRACELET orders

& our list...

+ Make Christmas morning magical!

+ Host Adam's family for GAMES on Christmas day

+ Celebrate NYE with Friends & FONDUE

Winter Fun List

Happy first day of Winter!  A BIG snowstorm is set to hit anytime now, so it seemed like the perfect day to post our Winter Fun List!  We {unlike many others} actually enjoy snow and the excuse to go play outside {when that temperatures aren't negative anyways!}

Let's hope for an epic snowstorm that keeps us home for the next 5 days! :) 

Monday, December 19, 2022

Hot Chocolate Favorites


We are a hot cocoa family -- from November to February or March you can expect to see a cocoa bar setup of some sort at our house.  Here are a few of our favorite things...

COCOA // Make your own from scratch, grab a box of SwissMiss, or our personal favorite -- gourmet GHIRARDELLI HOT CHOCOLATE!  It's simply the BEST!  Whatever you do, you MUST make it with milk!  No watered down hot cocoa over here!  For a larger group I like to make it in a crockpot.  The kids love cocoa SPOONS and bombs of any kind, but these COCOA BOMBS are my favorite!  *For the drinking adults, Bailey's or RumChada are the perfect addition for the evening. 

MARSHMALLOWS // I always snag all the fun 'cocoa topper' marshmallows when I see them at Target {like THIS or THIS} but we aren't above good ole' fashioned marshmallows -- how CUTE are these MARSHMALLOWS?!  I also LOVE to take Cool Whip and spread it on a cookie sheet to freeze and then use cookie cutters to for whatever shape we want.

TOPPINGS // Chocolate syrup makes its' appearance often, sometimes even caramel.  So do SPRINKLES, because sprinkles make everything more festive!!  We also have mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, crushed peppermints!!  My favorite additions if I'm drinking out of a mug are CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT CREME FILLED COOKIES and the kids love the MUG HUGGERS, but to be honest, often times we drink it out of these TO GO CUPS.


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