Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our 1st REAL Christmas Tree!

10 photos is what I got before my battery died -- go figure!  But I had to post this because we had the most memorable tree finding experience!  30 seconds into our 'hunt' Cullyn took a snowball to the face {from Adam}.  Luckily there were no tears.  The didn't have a ton of fir trees {3 to be exact} and the ones they did have here way {& by way I mean down the hill, past the pond, over the mud path, across the dam, down the hill and in the corner -- honestly!} far away.  The trek to find them wasn't bad, downhill mostly, but the hike back up was brutal {just ask Adam who was carrying our 8.5 foot tree!} All of that was funny, but we truly had a great time.  We don't have snow yet at our house, so lots of snowballs were thrown and a snowman was even created. 

iPhone pictures...

Monday, December 3, 2018

Winter Fun List

Friday night the kids and I were watching Christmas movies in my bed and we put together our annual winter fun list.  Below are our top 5 winter activities.

Past Family Bucket Lists...

Friday, November 30, 2018

Lola @ 1.5

I cannot believe we've had this girl a year and a half!  Most days it seems like she's been with us forever!  I must admit, the last few months have been glorious!  Lola has settled into the new house well and is loving that Adam works from home now.  She has space to roam and it's finally able to say out of her kennel when we leave the house for a few hours.  Parts of her are still puppyish, but she doesn't have accidents anymore and lays around more frequently.  

Monday, November 19, 2018

PRIME Purchases

Here's my belated PRIME purchases for the month!

1 | Jordyn was in need of winter footwear, and I found these boots for $10!!!
2 | We're trying to transition away from disposable brown paper bags, so I purchased this insulated lunchbag.  It's the perfect size, and bonus, J hasn't even thrown it away on accident yet! ;)  
3 | These booties are adult quality in a little kid size.  Jordyn has been living in them lately!
4 | I know, I know...everyone has a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.  This one is $40 off, making it less than $50!
5 | This basket is perfect for so much!  I have it in my laundry area, but I want another for our stairwell and one for my closet.  It would also be perfect to put your plant {see #4} in!
6 | This book has beautiful images!  We also bought Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
7 | These transition from gloves to mittens, which I have seen for adults, but never for kids.  Jordyn loves them!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

School Photos | 2018-19

I'm convinced I have the cutest kids on the planet! I have all the heart eyes looking at these two.  Even chipped nail polish can't bring me down {haha!}  Here's a tip for the new mama's out there.   Order the disc instead of photos {$15} and then take them to your local lab to get all your prints.  So much cheaper and that way you don't have to buy a package you don't want -- what does a person do with all those little wallets anyways?!