Friday, December 22, 2023

Friday Favorites

It's Christmas break baby!!   Were all PUMPED!

These clowns!
But honestly, their friendship has been such an answered prayer!  I just LOVE when these girls hang out!

Unexpected salmon lunch from Adam | Christmas gifts from the sweet neighbors {they even remembered Lola | An early Christmas gift for Adam so we can all enjoy hot cocoa this season

I'm still LOVING the 1SE {one second everyday} app.  The video at the end of the year is always one of my most treasured 'things'. 
I would encourage everyone to start this in January.  It's SO fun looking back at all the little 'everyday' things throughout the year!

Cullyn went to Enchant with me and we had so much fun!

Cullyn has been getting into puzzles with me & I couldn't love it more since it's one of my FAVORITE activities!
Still eyeing this one!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What's Up Wednesday | November 2023

{cooking}  not much!  My in laws were here, so we ate out, and then Adam & I went on a cruise for a week, so we ate alllll the things!  Like croissants, dessert for breakfast, and two main courses at dinner. 

{dreaming}  of taking the kids on a cruise.  Despite being a travel agent, and living in Florida, the kids haven't been on a cruise yet!  I think they would love it. :)

{drinking}  nothing very exciting.  Water, Mtn. Dew, and these.

{enjoying}  a full week with just Adam, it had been SO long!! :(

{listening}  to Jordyn play a duet at her band concert!! I LOVE listening to her, and haven't heard her nearly enough since we moved to Florida!

{looking} at Christmas decor! We decorated RIGHT after Thanksgiving.  We got a fake tree {because you almost have to when traveling over the holidays} and decided to switch up {& go more minimal with} our decor this year. 

{loving}  we watched the dolphins {3 of them} swim around our boat for HOURS {over 2!} It was the coolest thing {better than swimming with them I think because they played for SO long!} 
What I wasn't loving?  We also saw a shark circling not very far from out boat! :(

{making}  the Christmas fun calendar for the year!
It's been fun finding holiday events in a new area.

{needing}  to to get my Christmas cards addressed and sent out!  I wanted to have them mailed before Thanksgiving {since we have a new address}

{praying}  for God's will over our Iowa house, that we still very much own! ;)

{planning}  a trip to Universal before the kids start back to school after Christmas.

{reading}  Slow reading month for me, but I've already started Christmas movies for the year! :)

{remembering}  Thanksgivings over the years.  It looked very different this year, but we all had a great day!  It was fun to facetime family.  Since the kids get that full week off from school, I would like to plan a trip somewhere next year. 

{smelling}  allll the fall candles!  I just can't quit burning them!!  They feel so cozy!!

{thinking}  about our friends that came to Florida over Thanksgiving weekend.  We had SO much fun catching up!  The boys were in heaven!  It was the PERFECT distraction to our first holiday in a new state/away from all our family!

{waiting}  for the Christmas gifts to start arriving!  

{wanting}  to do the 15/3/30 challenge until Christmas.  Anyone else?

{watching}  the Macy's Day Parade with Jordyn! I love how much she loves this tradition!

{wearing}  swimsuits!  Mainly swimwear this month, and I'm not mad about it! ;)

{wishing}  We would have had another week with my in laws in Florida!  I can't wait for them to retire.  My mother in law just loves it here, and we love having her here!

{wondering}  if we will see Jeff & Megan.  Adam and I have been so fortunate to meet amazing friends on several of our vacations {some what we still meet up with 13 years later!} and we hit it off right away with Jeff & Megan on the cruise.  We had SO much fun together!  {like met on night 1 and hung out every day after that!!}  

{working}  on so many vacations {even from the cruise}  Thank you, Jesus!} and puzzles! :)

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