Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom's 50th Birthday {in Mexico}

I went back and forth about what to get my mom for her 50th Birthday.  We had decided we were going ziplining, but I wanted to a little more.  It had to be special {she can buy whatever she wants} and small enough to fit in my carry on to Mexico.  In the end I decided to ask 50 people from her past to write her a special birthday message. So we mailed out these cards to friends, family, old coworkers, etc. and had them write down a favorite memory, a birthday wish, or a photo of them from the past.  I must admit, reading these special messages as they came in was emotional!  I'm so thrilled she liked them and enjoyed the morning of her 50th birthday sitting on the beach reading birthday wishes from special people back home. 

After reading her 'cards'{which she plans to laminate and make into a book}, we spent the day poolside.  We chatted, did water aerobics, and indulged {I overindulged on Purple Rain's and spent the afternoon calling dinosaurs in my room.  Nothing quite like that to say Happy 50th Mom! }

They brought her this special treat to the pool and we all sand Happy Birthday to her! :)  After dinner that night, they decorated her room with rose pedals, another birthday treat, & champagne. 


  1. What a sweet present idea! Looks like such a fun time.

  2. What a sweet gesture for her present&!! I'm sure being in Mexico for her 50th was a delight as well!! Glad you guys had soo much fun together!!


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