Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Adam!

A week ago today, Adam turned 34!  We kept things pretty low-key.  After work & picking up the kids, I ran by the bakery to grab the cheesecake I ordered.  {I bought a cheesecake {his favorite} because I have no idea how to make one and didn't want to risk it not turning out.  Unfortunately, it looked terrible but they promised it would taste wonderful, however when we cut it open and it was raw, I called them back for a refund!} :(  So, we got to sing 'Happy Birthday' and blow out the candles, but he didn't get to enjoy any cheesecake. Talk about a tease!

He got several nice cards {from his mom, my mom, my grandma, my sister, & the kids and I}Jordyn enjoyed helping him open his gifts {Christmas is going to be FUN this year!} :)  Adam was surprised by the speaker we bought him.  He was equally excited I had my sister & husband home over to watch the kids so we could enjoy a night out {which he chose to spend watching MNF at Buffalo Wild Wings and then our local bar with our friends Ross & Gen--we couldn't be more opposite & I love it!!} :)

For his final birthday surprise {& possibly favorite}, I went into the office late the next morning, so he didn't have kid/dog responsibilities for the day {hashtag:: you know you're getting old when that's the highlight of your birthday!} :)

In all honesty, I hope you have a fantastic year.  Each year I watch you become a better husband and father and I'm so blessed to spend each crazy, chaotic, fun, loud, stressful, amazing day with us.  
We love you so, so much!  Happy Birthday, Baby!

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  1. Looks like a cute little celebration!! Boo to the cake being raw!!!


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