Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September | Dates + Deeds

I'm going to try to do a little recap each month with details from our dates {Adam & I, each of the kids) and Deeds {Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forwards}
Adam | We met my family in Iowa City for an Iowa football game over labor day weekend and we also hired our college sitter so we could sneak away for a few hours to celebrate his 35th Birthday!   Two dates in one month = a win for us! :)
 Jordyn | Jordyn and I have been able to spend Friday morning together while Cullyn is a preschool, so that's new for us, and really special.  I also cut out of work one morning and grabbed her from daycare so we could check out Story & Play time at our church.  There were all kinds of kids {she didn't really know any of them well} and I think Jordyn was a bit overwhelmed by this.  I would take her back, but probably only if Cullyn was joining us. 

Cullyn | Cullyn finally got a really fun date!  We snuck away from the lake one evening and went to a friend's farm as the sun set.  He took Cullyn in the tractor {pulling 2 wagons} around the property & fields.   We got to see corn dry and at the end we went and checked out the miniature pony's. He was really fascinated and totally ready to go back!
Kids | We had a lemonade stand 
Family | Volunteered {see below}, spent Labor Day weekend together, went to Adam's family reunion, & took a trip to the Apple Orchard

For a month that was filled with packing, home inspections/appraisals, house hunting, & a ton of photoshoots, I'm really happy with the amount of quality time we had together. 

This month we volunteered at The Supper Table as a family.  We brought food, prepared it, & served it to community members.  It was so fun to learn about this program that the local churches host every week.  Another reminder of the wonderful community we live in. 

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)

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