Tuesday, September 15, 2015

August | Dates + Deeds

The kids dates were a little lackluster this month, but we were so busy with end of summer, back to school, starting back to daycare, etc. September dates will be better.  Hopefully! ;)
Adam | We worked a couple of weddings together, if that counts.  Haha.  No real date nights though. :( 
Me | I spent an afternoon at the spa for my birthday and it was heavenly!

Jordyn | I took Jordyn school shopping by herself.  We grabbed her a few outfits, a gift card for supplies, and some new tennis shoes. 
Cullyn | Cullyn and I went back to school shopping as well.  He didn't need as much, but we spent a couple of hours walking around at his lead.  He's always so much more chatty & affectionate when it's just the two of us…I love it!
Family | We spent a weekend and a long weekend at the lake, we spent an afternoon at the state fair, went on a family date to a friends house for the NFL Fantasy Football Draft, and we went to Meet The Teacher night at preschool and out to ice cream afterwards. 

This month I volunteered at the Iowa State Fair  For work, we can sign up to run the booth, so for the second or third year in a row, I did that.  Always a good time.  So many people to see! ;)

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)

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