Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today is Adam's 35th Birthday!  I booked a sitter a month ago {college kids are a hot commodity!} and have plans to take him downtown for dinner.  Sushi is his favorite, so I'm sure we'll go there. :)  Before we head to dinner, we'll do dessert with the kids & sing Happy Birthday. If we're feeling really rowdy, we might even swing by his old stomping grounds for a quick drink! ;)

I few things I love about you...

your smile
that you keep friends forever
when you call me mama
the way you play with our kids
your constant optimism

your drive for success
your knowledge
that you always drive
when you take the kids on 'adventures'
that you cook

your humor
the way you love your family
your passion for the lake
your ability to speak to anyone
when you sing to me

that you love vacationing
your eyes
when you order my meal for me
your intelligence
that you're always willing to help friends out

how good you are a math
your imagination
when you do bath/bed time with the kids
your appreciation for fine dining
that you value adult time

the way you handle 'kid duty' every morning
that you take care of the big decisions like life insurance and home purchases
your booty
that you let me drive the nicer car
the you call your mom every day {even though I make fun of you for it}

your xbox (& phone games} skills
the way you dance
that you know the lyrics to nearly every song
when you take my hand
the way you love me

Happy Birthday, babe!  Every day with you is a great day...I can't wait to celebrate tonight!


Thanks for taking the time to read some of our story & especially for commenting!

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