Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May | Dates + Deeds

I'm been trying to get this posted all day today, but I've spent the entire day {with the exception of a few loads of laundry} cuddling a sick boy & keeping an energetic little girl entertained.  Daddy can't get home soon enough tonight! :)
I'm going to try to do a little recap each month with details from our dates {Adam & I, each of the kids) and Deeds {Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forwards}
Family | We went to the Farmer's Market, celebrated Cinco de Mayo, the Fire Station, birthday & graduation parties, to the iCubs game, and took a trip to Kansas City.

Adam | We went out for a happy hour turned date night & an afternoon on the boat with friends.  

Jordyn | Jordyn and I took a trip to the mall for some summer essentials.  Cullyn's closet is packed with clothes, but poor Jordyn doesn't have much except 2t {!!} so we grabbed a few tops, swimsuits, sandals, sunglasses, etc.  Afterwards, we played in the play area at the mall and went out for ice cream. 

Cullyn | I took Cullyn to watch the airplanes fly in at the airport.  It was the perfect cloudy day for it. Sadly, we only saw a couple of planes come in, but they taxied around for a while and that was enough for us.  We talked to the pilots and they suggested we come some morning between 7 & 9a for more traffic. :)  

Kids | We celebrated May Day, fed the ducks at a local park for the afternoon, went on a picnic at the Better Homes & Garden test garden, and to a splash pad.  

This month we took fresh flowers to our neighbors.  It was quick & small, but it brought a smile to their faces and helped us get to know our neighbors more.

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)

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