Thursday, September 17, 2015

Labor Day Weekend {the Iowa game + Labor Daze country fest}

Labor Day weekend was a fun, whirlwind of activities this year! :)  The kids and I started the weekend off early, by heading to the Lake House on Thursday afternoon.  I unpacked everything, decorated for fall a bit, and took the kids into my inlaws because they offered to watched them while I had a photoshoot {this one}.  When I went to pick them up, they {mainly Jordyn} insisted on sleeping over and Grandma & Grandpa's, so I ran back and get them jammies and left them until morning.  I went home and slept until 7a.  Ahh!

Friday morning I got up and quickly mowed the yard before running into town to grab the kids.  When we got to the lake, my friend Jess & her boys were there to hang out for the day.  I took a few photos of her youngest and then the kids played in the rock piles at the lake {perks of a small town!  Thanks Joey!}  After that {& the epic meltdowns from my children when I made them leave!} we grabbed Subway for lunch, took them for a quick Ranger ride, & out for ice cream before they headed back to Des Moines.  They kids and I went back out to the lake and I edited while they napped.  After naps, we had a lemonade stand before I took them back to my in laws so I could do another shoot before meeting everyone in town to watch my oldest nephew {Keaton, freshman} play in the football game.  They smoked the other team & the kids got to go on the field after the game, so it was a total success! ;)  We came home, put the kids to bed, prepped food for the next day, and went to bed just after 11p. 

shirt c/o ThePrintedPoppy

We got up just before 5:30a on Saturday to finish getting everything packed ready to go, before dropping the kids off with my S&BIL, so we could go to Iowa City for the Iowa game. We tailgated and then took the bus to the stadium for the 11a game.  It was hot, but not nearly as hot as two years ago.  We had great seats, really close to the cheerleaders. Adam lost his voice from this little number.  After the game, we packed right up and headed back to the lake to pick up the kids in time to make it to our oldest niece's {Vanessa, college freshman} first college game.  She dances {& competitive cheer} for William Penn.  By the time her game started, the weather was PERFECT, paired with the fact that the bleachers near us were almost empty and the concessions being just around the corner, made the 3{!!} overtimes possible for our kiddos. :)  

The next morning we slept in as long as our kids allowed and lounged around until we went to watch Adam's band at Labor Daze country music fest.  It was another HOT day, but we still had a blast!  My parents and sister & Myles joined us.  Later that night, my parents took the kids home, bathed them, and tucked them into bed.  We lasted until 11p and called it a night ourselves.

Monday was spent out on the boat, enjoying what could be the last nice weekend of summer.  Adam and my dad did install the mount to hang the TV, which is noteworthy {Adam got it from my parents for Christmas last year} :) 


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend!! Love the fall the decor! And that very last pic is priceless!! Love it haha

    1. It was! Great weather & tons of family time...just the way we prefer! It's that last pic cute?! My kids would be naked 100% of the time if I let them {I'm a little afraid what that means in the future---haha!!}

  2. What a great weekend, love the lemonad stand!


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