Thursday, July 16, 2015

June | Dates + Deeds

I'm going to try to do a little recap each month with details from our dates {Adam & I, each of the kids) and Deeds {Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forwards}
Adam & I | Our 'date' this month was nothing spectacular.  We spent a Saturday night at a wedding where Adam DJ'd and I worked the photobooth--far from a 'date night' but we did get to spend the evening together sans kids. We also rented America Sniper after the kids went to bed. We will be stepping our game up next month!
Me | I spent 4 hours editing photos by myself at the bar.  Yes, this sounds ridiculous, but it was miraculous!  I also took a couple of hours to get my hair colored before our family photos. 

Jordyn | I took Jordyn to swimming lessons several nights this month.  We went out for ice cream to celebrate on the last night.  We also went to dance registration solo, which was a big deal.  She is so excited for lessons to start in August!  Her main date was a morning spent at Daytime Playtime through APEX.
Cullyn | Also last minute, I took Cullyn to Parent/Tot play time at Triad.  Which he loved more than Jordyn did, so I'm thinking about letting him start class. Can you just see Cullyn in a 'gymnastics' class?  I die just thinking about it!!
The Kids | As Adam's DJ and Band gigs pick up for the summer, the kids and I have much more opportunity to hang out together.  In June, we went to the Strawberry Patch, Topical Sno, & Sturgis Falls amongst several other smaller outings. 
Family | While we didn't have much one on one time with ourselves {Adam& I} or the kids {individual dates} we had an exceptional amount of family time, which is rare for us.  So it was much loved!  We spent a day on the water in Iowa City, a night to go swimming in our friends' pool, a night at the winery listening to music with friends, a morning enjoying a picnic breakfast, and a weekend at the lake doing fun things like Ranger rides, boat floats, fireworks, family dinners, lots of dessert, etc. 

I nearly let this month slip by without a good deed done.  In a last minute, ditch effort, I bought Arby's for the guy behind me.  Yes, I know...sad!  I also baked bought cookies for the neighbor girls because they let me borrow a stick of butter when we were in the middle of dinner and realized we were out.  Can you tell this entire month was just insane and we were struggling to just keep our heads above water?  Again...I'll do better next month!  Promise!

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