Thursday, April 2, 2015

March | Dates + Deeds

Family | We wen't skiing at Seven Oaks!  It was so much fun for the whole family.  I can't wait for next year!

Adam | We snuck in a lunch date and double date while kids are at Gram & Papas.  For the lunch date, we went to Saints Pub & Patio after our tax appointment {I know, nothing crazy!} Sadly, it was still a too little chilly to utilize the patio, but this was my first time to that location and the food was great!  Our double date started at our friends, Ross & Gen, downtown rooftop patio.  From there we went out for sushi at Sakuri {one of our favorite spots!}.  We ended the night playing skiball and having headstand competitions at a dive bar, Carls {they don't have a website!}.  We also went to Wobbly Boots this month. I guess I can't consider it a date because Adam's band was playing, but we did get a sitter and had a great time, so maybe it counts?! :)

Me | I redeemed a giftcard to Soleil Tan Spa that I receive for photographing a wedding.  I enjoyed a facial and massage and it was pure bliss!!!  Considering we were looking for a new nanny and my kids were gone for the week, I needed this me time to relax and refocus!

Kids | Before the kids left my Gram & Papa's, I took them out for donuts at Djonuts in downtown Des Moines.  It's really hipster, they sell 100 handmade, dense donuts each morning inside of a comic book store.  Once they sell out, they're gone for the day.  

Jordyn | I had a really hard time finding one on one time for Jordyn {between my work schedule, her preschool, & all the time they spent with grandparents during our sitter to nanny transition}, so on the last day of the month, I stopped home to take her to lunch.  Luckily she's easy to please, so she was happy with Chick Fil A and a trip at the park to feed the duckies! :)  I also took Jordyn for froyo {with Cullyn & our nanny} to celebrate her awesome job sleeping in her bed all by herself {without sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night} & we went shopping & out to lunch with my MIL, SIL, & oldest niece last week! 

Cullyn | We went out for breakfast and to the library when Jordyn was at preschool.  I know I say this every month, but it's so awesome to slow down and give Cullyn my one on one attention.  He is such a lover!  I had so much fun sitting down and coloring with him and then watching him play with the other toddlers at the train table.  I can't believe he will be TWO next month!!! 

This month we delivered snacks to the Ronald McDonald House at Mercy Medical Center.  I hadn't really thought to do this until they offered their services to us when we were in the hospital with Cullyn.  They provide snacks, meals, housing, & other services {support, laundry, etc.} to families with children in the hospital.  It's such a wonderful program, and we were thrilled to learn more about the program.  

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)


Thanks for taking the time to read some of our story & especially for commenting!

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