Thursday, November 12, 2015

October | Dates + Deeds

I'm going to try to do a little recap each month with details from our dates {Adam & I, each of the kids) and Deeds {Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forwards}
Adam | Sadly, probably the most important month of the year {our anniversary} we didn't even get a date in! :(  No dinner, movie, nothing.  To say I'm bummed about this is an understatement!  I am still trying to finagle our schedules so that we can get a night away soon. ::fingers crossed::
Jordyn | We volunteered at Meals From The Heartland one evening.  I packaged meals and Jordyn drew photos for each of the boxes & put labels on the bags.  She had so much fun!  Mainly because she loves drawing and also because there were only adults in the room and she got so much attention! ;)  Afterwards we went and shared a shake.  Bonus...she got to stay up late on a school night! ;)
Cullyn | I pulled him from daycare and snuck in a lunch at the new{er} Main Street Cafe.  Dining with just Cullyn is always a treat.  He gets all the sweet comments from strangers and is usually extra polite and handsome for me.  This boy thrives for one on one time!  He chats & chats the entire time!  A bonus...his sitter sent me the sweetest Snapchat to me of him thanking me for our date.  Aww!! 
Kids | I took the kids to a birthday party & we had several Halloween celebrations, plus we went out for pizza one night.  Going out to dinner {yes, I realize it was just pizza, but still!} was a big step for me!  Our kids rarely go out to dinner, so they tend to want to wander around & overall not be the most pleasant dates.  However, they were so incredibly good for me!  They were the best Halloween dates I could have had! :)

This month we bought a coat for a child in need through the local Shoes that Fit program.  We chose a 5 year old girl to sponsor and I hope that she loves what we picked for her!  I wish we were able to sponsor dozens of kids!

Did you do any dates or RAoK this month?  If so, share below...I love new ideas! :)


  1. Love that you include your kids in your good deeds!

    1. Well we try...sometimes it's easier than others! ;) But they really like being a part of it!


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