Tuesday, February 7, 2023

DITL | No School Friday

4a | For whatever {unfortunate!} reason, I was wide awake at 4am!  Finally at 5a I decided to get up and go to work because I had a ton to do and the kids didn't have school {so I didn't need to wait at drop them off of the way}  Jordyn was actually at her friend's house and Cullyn had a friend spend the night.  So Cullyn, Cullyn's friend, and Adam were home when I left the house about 6a.  This is also when I decided to do a day in the life since I hadn't 'recorded' a 'no school' day in a while.

7a | I'm working on the budget at work.

8a | I'm still working on the budget at work.

9a | I'm STILL working on the budget at work.

10a | At 10:30 I FINISHED the FY24 budget {some revisions will still be made, but it's 99% done}

11a-1p | At 11, I had to leave to grab the kids for dentist appointments.
Note: they were thrilled I scheduled this on a no school day -- lol!

1p | After a cavity free dentist appointment, they kids were starving at talked me into McDonald's for lunch.  While in Grinnell, I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store and then Wal-Mart for my niece.

2p | By 2 we made it home {grabbing another friend on the way}.  The kids hopped in the hot tub and I started on the world's hardest puzzle.

3p | By this point, my 4am wake up call had caught up with me, so Lola and I took a quick power nap on the couch.

4p | At 4, I checked on the kids who were playing {Jordyn was giving everyone a concert-haha!} and sat down in front of the fire for a snack and some reading time.

5p | An hour later, a new room with another fire. Haha!  It was COLD on this day, so I was embracing a relaxed schedule that allowed me to be cozy all afternoon.  I sat in the massage chair and continued reading until Adam called and told me friends were coming over for pizza. :)

5p | Post shower hair session for the girls. :)

6p | I made a pizza for the kids.

7p | Adam made pizzas for the adults while Jesse restrung his ice fishing pole {the boys were in an ice fishing tournament the next morning at 6a}

8p | The kids were running amuck {Nerf wars, hide and seek, piano 'recitals', gymnastic routines, and {unposted} dance recordings} while the adults chatted.  It was a perfect impromptu Friday evening. 

8:30p | I took Tacarious home and used that time to listen to the Bible reading for the day and The Bible Recap podcast since I didn't get it done that morning. 

9p | Home and took a RARE photo with a very best friend.  I see Brooke no less than 20 times a week and yet have less than 20 photos total with her.  Isn't that crazy?!

10p | Washed my face and did a quick 1 mile walk on the treadmill {a daily habit of mine in 2023}.

11p | Reading & bed!

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