Monday, October 3, 2022

DITL | Fall 2022

I realized I haven't done a Day In The Life post since Spring, so here it is... {per usual, I started off strong, and it faded fast, lol!}

6:15a | Adam was actually up before me since he had a 7:30a meeting in Des Moines {this is v. rare!}

6:45a | Showered, dressed, and can't decide which tennis shoes to wear.  I wake the kids up {& make Jordyn pick my shoes out}.  No Lola today since we're leaving town this weekend {my parents took her home Monday night}

7:00a | Makeup and teeth.  Cullyn is showered, dressed, and ready for school, so he starts folding laundry for me.  Jordyn is still getting ready.

7:15a | We're all ready.  Tuttle has been fed.  The kids eat a quick breakfast {Cider donuts} Jordyn folds her laundry.  

7:30a | We pick up friends and I drop everyone off at school {but not before Jordyn realizes she got into the car without shoes on!  So we run home quick for shoes!}  We do spelling words, sign planners/reading logs/band sheets, and review after school plans on the way into town.

7:50a | The kids are dropped off and I have 10 minutes before work starts, so I run by the local coffee shop for an energy drink.

8a-4p | I work.  Lunch at my desk. {v. boring}

5:15p | Home.  At 3:45p Jordyn arrived at my office {the bus drops her off}  At 4p we made a fast trip south to  LuRoo & Co. to pickup an order and were back in town to grab Cullyn from the after school church program at 5:15 to drop Cullyn off and do package pickup.

5:30p | PAC {our PTA/PTO} committee meeting at the school.

6:15p | Still at the school, but moved down to another room for the Little League committee meeting. 

7:15p | HOME!  A friend of ours was switching a part on our Ranger, so Adam was over there hanging with them.  We eat leftovers for dinner.  We're heading out of town tomorrow night, so we're cleaning out the fridge.

7:45p | The kids do homework/reading/piano-J/flute-J and Cullyn unloads the dishwasher for me.  I reload it, get snacks/drinks ready , and apply for a Wisconsin trail license for the weekend.

8:45p | I finish packing the kids and I for Wisconsin while listening to my audiobook and tuck the kids in.  Cullyn requests I lay with him and chat for a while, so I do that for about 15 minutes.

9:15p | I go to my room with the intention of working for a bit before bed, but ended up scrolling Instagram before calling it a night at 10. :/

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