Thursday, May 20, 2021

Day In The Life | Friday


6:37 | I got a text the evening before cancelling our workout class, so slept in.  The kids and I shower and get ready for the day.  I will spare you all the photo, but Lola threw up on Cullyn's bed, so I got to strip bedding and start laundry before work. Ugh!

7:15 | While I finish my makeup, the kids go upstairs and grab breakfast {mini muffins, yogurt, fruit strip, granola bar, cereal, etc.}.  Jordyn packs her lunch and then messes with her fidgets, and Cullyn practices his spelling words and reads his new book while eating breakfast.

7:50 | I drop the kids are dropped at school and I get right to work for the day.  

9:00 | I worked on finance stuff during this time block.

11:00 | It was Lunch on the Lawn day as school {Cullyn @ 11 & Jordyn @ 11:20, so I picked up a pizza and the propel for the kids and we sat outside enjoying lunch with friends.  

11:45 | Back to work for a bit.  I got our budget amendment taken to the County Auditor -- always a relief!

1:00 | Back to the school -- this is when I'm especially thankful I work so close to the kids' school.  This time it's track and field day.  Cullyn goes first, followed by Jordyn.  I grab the kids when they're done and let them come back to work with me instead of taking the bus.  

2:00 | Back at work with the kids in tow.  Jordyn goes to the library to check out some books for her and her brother.  My wo worker makes the kids popcorn -- their favorite!  I wrap up as much as possible before taking off for the weekend.  

4:00 | Take the kids home, grab the email, and play kickball with the kids in the drizzle.  

5:00 | Cullyn needs a snack, so he sits down with some strawberries and a Highlights magazine.  During this time I take a quick {15 minute} power nap.

6:00 | While Cullyn watches YouTube, Jordyn and I play some games in her room. 

7:00 | I Adam gets home and we decide to just have popcorn and candy for dinner while watching The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

9:00 | The kids and Lola go to bed.  It's a Friday night tradition that they get so sleep in our room.  Please ignore the laundry situation!

11:00 | I finish scrolling and go to bed.  Friday nights are hard -- we're all exhausted!
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