Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A {Satur} Day In The Life

 Here we go...a photo {almost} every hour last Saturday. 

The kids slept together in Jordyn's bed {a common thing these days} and came into our bed just before 8a to snuggle
Loving my new jammies from the Nordstrom sale -- a few still left.

Headed to Ankeny to run a few errands {bank, gas, car wash, etc.} and to see my niece & nephew!!

Everyone is responsible for throwing their own trash away and vacuuming their area. 

10a & 11a

Isn't my nieces shirt adorable?!  EVERYONE LAUGHS IN THE SAME LANGUAGE from Target.

McDonalds for J and Chick-fil-a for C and I

Unload the dishwasher & fold/put away laundry

Cullyn played the PS4 with friends and Jordyn played with the LightBright {mine from childhood!} while I took a little nap! :)  Kids getting older has it's perks! ;)

Jordyn and I clean the garage so it's ready for the seafood boil on Sunday {I forgot to get a photo!!} *Ended up moving the seafood boil to my BIL/SIL's house. 

4p & 5p
Jordyn starts a puzzle and I listen to an audiobook and edit photos {until the power goes out!}

Adam's band plays at the lake, so the kids and I go listen.

Cullyn living his best life, playing football and wrestling with a bunch of friends.
Still listening to the band.  Jordyn just loves to listen/watch her daddy sing!!
Loving my new shirt from J.Crew -- currently 35% off!

Cullyn is done dancing with his mama and watches the last 30 minutes of the show from the Jeep.  Jordyn is sitting right out front starting at her daddy -- it's priceless!

Adam's home and I go to bed so I can get myself and the kids out the door for church in the morning...
Terrible photo -- but that question!

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