Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday Favorites

A sushi food truck in a nearby small town

My nSale snags!

My double knockout rosebush that I killed, CAME BACK TO LIFE!! 
{worthy of caps!}

When your bestie sends your kid home with your favorite handsoap
{She knows I rave about this scent when I'm at her house!} 

Happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Living on a lake with fair-skinned children, we go through a lot of sunscreen.  I feel like I'm constantly trying new sunscreens!  Just ordered this one {I'll let you know what we think after a few uses}.  Here a few of our favorites.

What other ones should we try?  Send me your favorites!

Monday, July 12, 2021

This & That -- Highlights of the Week

   Enjoyed this:

  • taking Lola on walks 
  • the cooler weather
  • playing putt-putt with my parents and the kids
  • picking the kids up from a stay with Gram & Papa
  • watching the kids play {all the things!} in the yard
  • co-hosting a wedding shower for my niece
  • a solo hot tub sesh
  • watching 7 Yards
  • impromptu s'mores and sparklers with friends
  • spending an afternoon watching the group Cast Net

Instagrammed that:

Scheduled this:

This & That
T: Favorite Sunscreens
T: 30A
F: Friday Favorites

Ate that:

M :: Leftovers from the weekend
T :: Popcorn
W :: Maidrites + Parmesan Corn - delivered by our neighbor {SO GOOD!}
T :: Out {picking up the kids}
F :: Croissant Sandwiches {at the shower}
S :: Pork Loin