Thursday, September 16, 2021

Day In The Life

I started my Monday by skipping my workout since I was wide awake from 3:35-5:15 {thanks allergies!}  At 6:30, I ended up crawling out of bed.  I showered and got dressed.   At 7, I grabbed Lola from Cullyn's room and made sure the kids were moving.  I finished getting ready, fed Lola, and had Jordyn take her out while I collected the trash from the house.


At 7:35, the kids and I headed downstairs.  We took the trash out and headed into town.  {Ignore all the weeds in the gravel!}  I dropped the kids at school and made it to work about 7:55.


I worked from 8-12 {ate breakfast at my desk, met with my Mayor, finished up some things with the Auditor, worked on the Capital Plan, and prepped stuff for the upcoming Council Meeting} before going home for lunch.  Adam was heading out for the day {he only had 1 appointment} as I walked in.  I unloaded the dishwasher, made an egg sandwich, and folded a load of laundry before heading back to work.  The bug guy came to spray the house as I was leaving.

The afternoon was filled with Zoom meetings about Library funding, Social Media posting, and prep for Tuesday night's Community Development Meeting.  My friend Kelly dropped my kids and her youngest boy off at my office at 4.  We loaded up and headed home to start homework, practice piano {Jordyn}, get a snack, and get ready for Cullyn's first flag football game.

Flag football photos started at 5:30 and the game at 6:30.  He was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents come to the game.  One set driving 3 hours round trip and another that took him and Jordyn to McDonalds after the game! :)

We got home about 8:15 and I immediately washed my face and put my jammies on!  Once the kids got home, they showered, read, and they were tucked in by 9:15.

Adam went upstairs to make himself something for dinner and I went directly to bed to watch the first episode of LulaRich before calling it a night at 10.

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