Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A {Mon}Day in the Life

A super overdue day in the life post since the last one was fall of 2015!!  These are my favorite post to look back on, but I usually stop taking photos part way through the day {I kind of did on Monday, too, but I think I have enough to give you an idea of our days right now}.  This is the first time I've done a work day because quite honestly work days are pretty boring, but this one ended up being a little more eventful than me just sitting in my office for 10+ hours!

5a | get ready for work
6a | arrive at work

6-10a | work -- emails, 3 residents called in, 50 patient reschedules {thankfully I don't actually have to do this part}, schedule a few meetings, etc. decided to start doing a DITL

10:30a | arrive home -- J is sick, so Adam worked from home in the am and I worked from home in the pm.  After 5 1/2 years of this, we've finally got these 'sick days' down.  Since I go to work early {not as early as I used to, but still early} it's easiest if we split the day and each work from home a half day, or take a half day of PTO if the kids are really sick.

11a | make lunch for J and I, start dishwasher, & washing machine, and start J on some homework.

11:30-5p | email, look at flights for work & personal, pay bills, order flowers for a new mama, work on a Milestone project for work. J watches Rio & helps me by folding laundry.  She also finishes her Valentine's for dance {Tuesday} and daycare and school {Wednesday}.  We also packed up 2 care packages for Adam's coworkers daughter's family who lost everything in a house fire. :(
5p | Pick Cullyn up from daycare.
5:30p | Homework  with the kids & Mark arrives for 'band practice' - usually a Tuesday night activity, but moved due to a scheduling conflict.

6p | Dinner & more practicing
7p | Teeth, Potty & Pajamas followed by books in bed.
7:45p | I worked on my puzzle while the boys practice -- totally should have edited {I have 2 weddings I need to wrap up!} but was being lazy.  Prep for Tuesday {school for both kids, Lola to my sister's house {someone's looking at the house}, dance for J, late work meeting for me, etc.}
8:30p | Mark leaves and Adam and I watch the Olympics for a bit {I can't get enough!}
10p | Lola and I head up to bed since I'll be at work from 6a-7p tomorrow night.

What do your days look like?

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