Thursday, April 1, 2021

Day In The Life | Thursday

6:30 | Wake Jordyn to shower & quiet time for me.  Then wake Cullyn and get ready for the day.

7:15 | Breakfast for the kids, Jordyn packs her lunch, and Cullyn practices his spelling words {he was as excited about it as he looks--haha!}

8:00 | Kids are dropped at school and I start work for the day.  
Check emails, take vitamins, hydrate, chat with the office girls about their evening.

9:00 | Usually I work on finance stuff during this time block, but I have to get this completed to post to social media, send to the paper, and add to the website.  I also did some month end financial stuff and paperwork for FEMA.

Noon | I normally don't go home over lunch, but I had to get stuff ready for small group tonight.  I quickly ate'lunch' {some imitation crab and a mtn. dew -- please, don't be jealous!}, take Lola out, grab the mail, and unload/reload the dishwasher while I'm there. 

1:00 | Start Community Development time block--prep stuff for the meeting tonight, create a marketing campaign, and work on the monthly newsletter.

4:00 | Pick up the kids {they decide they want to stay with grandma/grandpa and don't come with me} and drop stuff off to the school for the PAC Committee.  I was in charge of a 'COVID friendly' Donuts with Dad event, so we got giftcards to a local store for 2 free donuts {one for each child and their father figure} and come conversations starters for each child.  {We usually have a live event}

5:00 | Community Development meeting -- I forgot to take a photo, but we worked on the Strategic Plan.

6:00 | I was about 15 minutes late, but I made it to Small Group.

8:45 | Adam grabbed the kids on his way home from work {8:30p} so I met them at home.  We did homework and got the kids ready for bed.

9:30 | I walk from Cullyn's room {where he, Jordyn, & Lola sleep} to our room down the hall.  I've been trying to catch back up on This is Us, so I watch 2 episodes before I go to bed for the night. 
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