Monday, November 9, 2020

A Day in the Life | Quarantine Edition

6:30a | 
Snooze alarm.

6:45a | Pry myself awake.  Take a quick shower, because Jordyn's friend Bryn & her little sister are coming.  They are in quarantine as well, and their mom is a nurse, so I've offered to help them with coverage during this time.  We've hung out with them nightly since last Friday, and I'm feeling super thankful we're able to do this quarantine with great friends!

7:00a | Take Lola out and realize it's gorgeous out -- it's going to get to 75 today! Wake Cullyn up to get ready for school.  The girls come with donuts, so breakfast as taken care of. 

8:00a |
Drop Cullyn and Jade off at school.  Come home and get the girls started on home school before I get to work.  I'm working with FEMA so I have a few things to get together before our call. 

9a | Spent two hours on the phone with our FEMA rep.  Girls finish their school for the day while I'm on the call and help themselves to a snack before going off to play.

11:00a | The contractor comes and starts working on our back patio project.  We already met with them prior to this, so this requires nothing of me.  
11:30a | I'm hungry since I never ate breakfast, so I make the girls lunch.  They requested a cheese tray so I made them one and they ate it in the theater room while watching slime videos on YouTube.  The girls' unloaded the dishwasher for me, so I quickly reloaded it.

11:45a | I take my lunch downstairs are start working on stuff for our Hometown Holiday Christmas event.  The highlight of the afternoon was securing live reindeer for the event as well as a business to fund it.

1:00p | I get kicked off our accounting program and have to call customer service.  While they're trying to fix my issue I fold a load of laundry and flip another load.  The girls bring me the mail.  A package comes from Amazon, but it's completely empty. :(

2:45p | I head into town to go vote.  

2:50p | I walk across the parking lot and give blood.

3:15p | I pick Cullyn and Jade up from school.  They do their homework without being asked and then make themselves popcorn before joining the girls to do gymnastics in the living room.

3:30p | I work for another hour.  We had a Council Meeting last night, so I have to follow up on a few things before signing off for the day. 

5:00p | Drop Jordyn, Bryn, & Jade off at the Schmidt's house.  Head to Grinnell to take Cullyn to taekwondo.

6:15p | I post a Sponsored Post on my Instagram while I wait for Cullyn in TKD.

6:30p | Taekwondo is done and I should stop and get groceries since I'm in Grinnell, but I'm being lazy, so we just head over to Burger Night at the Schmidt's house.

7:00p | 'Burger Night' was technically cancelled since Jordyn & Bryn are in quarantine, so it's just our two families tonight.  We decide to have dinner since I had to pick Jordyn up anyways.  The kids watch The Greatest Showman while we watch election coverage.  

9:00p | I take the kids home since it's getting late.  Adam stays and watches more election coverage and I scroll Instagram on my phone for almost an hour before calling it a night. 
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