Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Day In The Life | Cell Phone Edition

I'ts been soo long since I posted a day in the life post -- mainly because the second I get to work, I forget to keep taking photos!  So here is a snapshot of Tuesday.  It wasn't a 'normal' day because there is never a 'normal' day it feels like.

12:00a | I finish my book and go to sleep.  Already not a typical day as I'm usually in bed by 10.

12:15ish? | I was too tired to look, but I know I had just fallen asleep.  Jordyn busts the door open and tells me she's going to puke.  Never the words a parent wants to wake up to!  I take her to our bathroom and hold her hair.  Thankfully she never ends up getting sick!  I get her to sleep on the couch in our room and lay down myself.

3:30a | Cullyn barges in the room completely distraught.  What in the world?!  Two interruptions in one night is so rare -- thankfully!  As it turns out he is burning up and has a barking cough that came on suddenly in the middle of the night.  I get him situated on a blanketfort beside my bed and lay back down.  Jordyn is now awake and tells me she feels fine, so that's a bonus!

3:45-5:45a | Lay in bed completely awake, unable to fall asleep, mentally preparing for the change of plans for the day.  Think about work, kid coverage, my to do list, pray nobody else 'catches' it, etc.  Of course I end up dozing off around 5:45a.

6:00a | Snooze alarm.
6:15a | Snooze alarm again.

6:30a | Snooze alarm again.  Oh boy.
6:45a | Pry myself awake.  Take a shower, should be quick, but it's not because I'm still trying to wake up.  I don't do well with less than 8 hours of sleep, so I give myself a pep talk in the shower that I will not let it affect my mood today - ha!  Didn't wash my hair, so I throw on a hat with my leggings and hoodie.  No makeup today.  Thank goodness I'm not a beauty blogger!

7:25a | Wake Jordyn up to see if she's still feeling okay.  She is and wants to go to school, so I help get her ready & email the school to let the know Cullyn will be out ill today.
7:45a | Drop Jordyn at school at go to work.

8:00a | Get to work and clean up my office.  My meeting last night went until almost 8p, so I threw everything in my office and walked out, leaving a mess to deal with this morning.

8:30a | Work on grants all morning.  I had 5 to write and had been so busy preparing the budget that I hadn't even started them.

11:00a | Leave work and surprise Jordyn for lunch quick.

11:30a | Arrive home and chat with Adam quickly before he goes to work.  I check on Cullyn who is living his best life.  He no longer has a fever and spent the morning {& afternoon} watching TV & playing on his iPad.

12:00p | Continue working on grants from home.  I realize how much I miss working from home on Wednesdays.

3:30p | Load up Cullyn and head to town to grab Jordyn from my in-laws {that's where the bus drops them everyday} when I get a call from Jordyn.  There was so miscommunication today as to where I was going to pick her up, so she ended up staying at the school.  A first, and hopefully last, but I was thankful she had her phone to get a hold of me.

3:45p | Piano lessons, only for Jordyn tonight since I don't want to chance Cullyn bringing sick germs into their house.  Cullyn and I stay in the car.  I read and Cullyn plays on Snapchat on my phone.

4:15p | Head to Grinnell to take Cullyn to taekwondo and drop Jordyn off at our friends house on my way.  If he wants to test he has to go to class {he missed week 1 for basketball & week 2 because my car broke down on the way there}

5:30p | Taekwondo is done and I should stop and get groceries since I'm in Grinnell, but I don't want to drag Cullyn through the store and I'm not super motivated, we just head back home.

6:00p | Home.  Adam got home at the same time.  He and Cullyn change clothes and head to 'Burger Night' at our friends house {where Jordyn already is}.  I don't have the grants ready for tomorrow yet, so I stay home to work.  I work from the theater room tonight so I can catch up on Chicago Med, Fire, & PD.

8:15p | Adam and the kids arrive home, later than expected, but that's common on Burger Night.

8:30p | Kids are in bed and I work/watch TV for another hour before going to bed.

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