Friday, February 19, 2021

Day In The Life | Wednesday


6:13 | My alarm goes off, I shower, then wake the kids at 6:45.  On this day, I was talking to my mom via the Marco Polo app while getting ready.  You're welcome for that visual ;) 


7:15 | I feed Lola and take her out, start a load of laundry, and gather a bag of trash before going upstairs.  The kids eat breakfast {they're on a cereal kick for the first time in their lives} and on this day Jordyn is finishing her homework before school {a first for this!}.  I do a quick sweep of the kitchen to clear the counters because someone is coming to add backsplash to our kitchen this morning!

7:45a |  Coats, backpacks, masks, snow gear today, it's too cold to go outside for recess! 

8:00a | I'm at work.  I start my candle, go through email, update a few things on our website, and spend the morning deep in grant paperwork.

12p | Eat a chicken melt from Costco and a Mtn. Dew at my desk and take a few minutes to fill out my 5 year journal, read a day of my Unshakeable & Embraced devotionals, pop a quick note in the mail, and do my daily bible reading.  

1:30p | I spend some time preparing for and then interviewing a candidate for an open position with the City before communicating with a website developer for a Community Development project and calling it a day. 

4:15p | Pick the kids up from my MIL's house, pick up Brooke's girls from their daycare, and take them home {briefly!}  They wash hands, swap face masks, unload backpacks and lunchboxes, grab a snack and a water, and get changed for tumbling {Jordyn and Bryn}   

4:45p | Alyssa picks up the big girls from my house and takes them back into town for tumbling.  

5:00p | Miss Kaitlyn arrives at this time to start piano lessons.  Jade goes first {5:15-5:45} then Cullyn {5:45-6:15}.  I prep a lasagna for dinner.  Adam gets home and our friends Jimmi and Jesse show up to sit in the hot tub before dinner. 

5:45p | Brooke drops the girls off from tumbling and Bryn does piano {6:15-6:45} while Jordyn does her homework {read 15 minutes + spelling words} and then Jordyn does piano {6:45-7:15}.  I snap a photo for a blog collab coming up. 

7:15p | Miss Kaitlyn leaves and Brooke, Kim, and her 2 boys arrive for dinner.  After dinner, the boys play PS4, the girls go down to Jordyn's room to play school, and the adults play cards. 

9:30p | The kids brush their teeth and fall fast asleep.  {this is very late for them!}

10:41p | I crawl into bed totally exhausted!
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