Thursday, January 21, 2021

Day In The Life | Typical Tuesday

6:00 | My alarm goes off.  I usually don't get up quite this early, but I'm helping a friend with her girls today since her sitter is off.  I skim my emails and messages and do a jigsaw puzzle on my phone before actually getting out of bed.  My brain wakes up before my body, so I've gotten into this new habit.  I lay there and think about the day while mindlessly doing the puzzle.  {Jigsaw Puzzle by mobilityware for anyone interested}

From there I wake the kids up, get myself ready, feed and take out Lola before going upstairs.  Once up stairs I get the kids breakfast - cereal for two, bagel for another, and mini muffins for the last.  Jordyn makes a lunch for school and we all head to the car.  It's a blur -- no time for photos, haha!

7:45a | It's dark and blurry, but we're all in the car ready go do.  Coats, snow gear, backpacks, masks, waterbottles...check!  School starts at 8:15a this year, but we can drop them off as early as 7:50.

8:00a | I'm at work.  {Two things I will never stop being thankful for -- a 5 minute commute & the ability to wear jeans or leggings to work -- WIN!!}  I had a budget meeting followed by a Council meeting last night which didn't end until 8pm, so I dumped everything on my desk and ran out of the office.  Twelve hour days are definitely not the norm here.  So I start the day by clearing off my desk and wrapping things up from the night before.

9-12 | Email, prep everything for a public hearing, communicate with auditors, collect data for offsets, and finalize the FY22 budget.

12p | Eat a chicken melt from Costco and a Mtn. Dew at my desk and take a few minutes to fill out my 5 year journal and read a day of my 100 Days of Bible Promises, Unshakeable, & Embraced.  I usually do my daily bible reading over 'lunch' at my desk, but I have to leave early so I skip that one.

12:30p | Spend the next 3 hours working on Community Development - agenda, meeting prep, cutting some checking, reconciling, and filing financials and starting a couple of grants. 

3:15p | Pick the kids up from school and take them home {briefly!}  They wash hands, swap face masks, unload backpacks and lunchboxes, and get changed for sports {dancewear for the girls and taekwondo clothes for Cullyn}.   

3:50p | Drop the two big girls off at Brooke's house to do 15 minutes of reading, 15 minutes of piano, and play for 30 minutes.  Go into town and drop Jade off for dance at 4. 

4p | From 4-4:45 Cullyn and I go watch my nephew play basketball.  Bonus that my great niece is there {above} and another niece is a referee at the game! 

4:45p | Head to Grinnell to pickup groceries.  It's cold {23*} and the wind is crazy!  I listen to my audiobook {Searching for Sylvie Lee} while Cullyn does his Read-Read homework and then plays on his tablet.

5:30-7p | Sit in my car and do my bible reading that I didn't do over lunch while Cullyn is at Taekwondo class.  I get hungry, so I grab popcorn from my delivery pickup still in the back of my car.   My friend Brooke is taking the Jordyn, her oldest daughter, and the two neighbor girls to dance which is also at 5:30 on Tuesdays.

7-7:30p | Slowly drive back home to drop unload the groceries and go over to Brooke's house where she has homemade Beef & Noodles, corn, fresh green beans, and Cesar salad for everyone.  My friend Alyssa is picking the four girls up from dance which ends at 7:30 and bringing them to Brooke's for dinner.  It's a pretty calm night, we're all tired, so we head home early.

9:00p | Brush teeth, feed Lola dinner, say prayers and tuck the littles in.  They all three sleep together which I just love.

9-10:20p | I get ready for bed and watch Schitt's Creek for a while.

That's a {fairly typical} Tuesday night around hour house these days.  The days are long, but the years are short, right?  I can't say how thankful I am to have a tribe to help raise my kids!
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