Friday, July 17, 2015

Photos on Friday::S+T Engagement

So I apologize in advance for the 2 million photos you guys are about to see!  These two should be models, so I had a hard time not photographing them for 2 day straight! You'll see for yourself soon.  
But first, here's a bit of a back story.  He is a former Army Ranger, current personal trainer, soon to be grad student and husband.  She is a former Kosoma instructor, current nanny, soon to be grad student and wife. :)  She just happens to be a former college roommate of my baby sister.  Although they currently live in Iowa, they'll be moving to North Carolina soon to start grad school.  Their wedding will take place on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC next fall. I could not be more excited for them!  Congratulations S & T!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos, beautiful couple!! I want those glasses, too.


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