Monday, June 15, 2015

This & That {w. 24}

I had my big reaccreditation meeting for work this morning {which went excellent, thank God, because my job depended on this accreditation!} and then went directly to Cullyn's swimming lessons.  They're mommy & me since he's 2, but unfortunately my schedule didn't allow for me to get in, so our sitter had to.  At least I got to watch I guess, but it left me looking like a drown rat for the rest of the day!  It has rained so much the last few months! :(  Of course our family photos {that have already been rescheduled 4 times!!} are supposed to be tonight, so lets cross our fingers the weather makes a turn around soon!
Did this:
Met the kids at the pool for the afternoon
Took Jordyn to swim lessons all week
Had the oil changed in both cars
Registered Jordyn for dance this fall {!!!} :)
Got my hair done
Took Jordyn out for ice cream to celebrate her swimming success
Spent the morning at the strawberry patch with the kids
Went back home for less than 24 hours
Shot an engagement session at my alma mater
Ran the photo booth at a wedding that Adam DJ'd
Photographed two homes 
Spent 4 hours editing at the bar

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:

Scheduled this:


  1. That house is pretty!! Glad to hear you found a new sitter!!! Where's the hair pic??!? Lol

    1. I'll post photos soon {we had family pics taken Monday night} but it's just blonde...nothing crazy!! :)

  2. Way to crush it at work, Mama! Also, can't get enough of those berry patch photos...the kids' overalls and your hat are spot on.

    1. Jordyn's may or may not have been size 12 MONTHS!!! {OMG...why did we even still have them?!} Either way, I saw them and knew she had to squeeze into them. She's such a trooper, she didn't even question my madness! :)


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