Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Bucket List Recap

I thought it would be fun to check in and see how we did on our summer bucket list.
Go camping - didn't happen.  I'm really hoping to do this next summer, if not before.  Adam just can't be convinced to tent camp when we own a lake house. :)
Go to the farmer's market - We did!  I just haven't blogged about it yet.  I'm still hoping to make one more this year, too. :)
Listen to live music outside - plus several other events, like Adam's band at the Balloon Festival & LaborDaze
Have a picnic with the kids at the Better Homes & Garden test garden - check!
Have lunch downtown at the food trucks
Happy Hour with my hubby - It only happened once, so I'm hoping to do it again this fall. :)
Go to the pool - we practically lived there!  
Spend a long weekend at the lake - we did!  Over the 4th & Labor Day plus a random long weekend just for fun
Paddleboard/Canoe - We did!  We paddle board & pedal boated with my family one weekend, I kayaked with my mom and sister one morning, and Jordyn & I paddle boarded with Adam's family the day after my birthday.  I still want to take the canoe out for a morning on the water this fall. 
Go to the Iowa State Fair - barely, but we made it! 
Watch the planes fly in - I took Cullyn one day, but I would still like to take both kids to do it.  Perhaps a Friday morning this Fall.
Go to the drive in - FAIL!  In my defense, we tried.  They weren't playing kid appropriate movies and of the weekends we were free. :(
Do a lemonade stand - Check. In the 11th hour. :)
Fly a kite - Check.  We did this over our long weekend at the lake. 
Go to a baseball game
Take the kids fishing - Check.  Early this summer, Adam & his dad took the kids out fishing one morning and we also took them out over out long weekend at the lake. 
Spent a day on a boat - Check.  We ended up getting out on the water several days this summer.  I still want to take Jordyn tubing since she's asked so many times, but it will have to wait until next summer now. 
Plant flowers - Check.  We planted a Hibiscus at the condo and a few Lilliums at the lake.  Although I'm still hoping to plant some Hastas around the lake at some point. 
Explore the zoo - FAIL!  I'm so sad this didn't happen.  I'm really hoping to get there before it closes for the season. 
Make an outdoor movie - check.  It wasn't as pretty as last year's, but we did make one.  We also went to one in Ankeny, too. 
Catch fireflies - FAIL! I'm so sad this didn't happen.  It wasn't for a lack of effort!  Apparently we don't have fireflies at the lake house. :(
Pick strawberries
Feed the ducks - Check!  We did this several times this summer.  It came at the expense of a cracked phone, but it was worth it. :)

Overall not terrible, although I was really hoping we would get to all of these.  I'm happy with the memories we were able to create, so I'm not going to dwell on the few things that didn't/weren't able to happen this summer.  I'm excited to see what Fall brings!! :)
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