Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Iowa State Fair | 2015

We've been so busy this summer that we almost didn't make it to the state fair!  In an effort to keep up with our tradition, we made a last minute decision to let the kids skip naps and take a half day from work & it ended up being fantastic!  The weather was absolutely perfect and we had so much fun!  I only wish we had a little longer to stay, but we needed to get back because I had a session and then we had our Fantasy Football draft.  I was happy to get the few hours we did get, but next year I want to make it a priority to take a full day since the kids are getting to the age they really like to do the rides and look at the animals.  *A few of these photos were taken the afternoon I volunteered at the fair for work.

Adam ::the Margarita
Me :: the Wine Tasting {& family photos}
The Kids :: Riding the Tractor/Wagon & the Rides

*We all enjoyed the big yellow slide {a first time for me!} 
see video here


  1. what a fun fair! and I'm going to need all that food.

    1. Right?! I LOVE ordering everything & sharing it between everyone! So fun! :)

  2. I'm so glad you got to go! We didn't see the splash fountains when we were there, but I wish we had! They look like fun!


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