Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Father's Day Weekend | 2016

Friday | I worked until 1p {definitely a rarity for me, thankfully!} and then ran a few errands and packed up before heading to the lake.  That night we tried the new restaurant, Sauced, for dinner and spent the night teaching the kids to catch fireflies.  After the kids went to bed {my parents were there} Adam and I took the Jeep out for a late night cruise and ended up finding our favorite place to drive the Jeep at the lake!  There is this path off the main road that opens up and you're able to see nothing but the moon {it was HUGE that night}, tons of stars, & millions of fireflies.  So we've named it firefly lane'

Saturday | We all slept until after 8!  Our friends Brooke & Jesse invited us over for breakfast before the Kids' Fishing Derby started.  Unfortunately, the fishing wasn't good!  It was way too hot for the fish.  Between 6 adults & 6 kids, we caught just 2 fish, both of which were not eligible because they were caught by adults. whomp. whomp!  After the fishing derby, my youngest sister Alicia & her husband Brad came & we went over to my sil & bil's house to celebrate my fil's birthday {Sunday} & Father's Day with them.  They had a slip-n-slide setup so we did that and floated in their no-wake lake for a few hours.  The kids also had to go feed the goats, a must every time they visit Aunt Lisha & Uncle Travy.  We went home and hung out for the rest of the night and friends stopped by for an impromptu evening of fun {cheese plates, trampoline jumping, more firefly catching, etc.} while we waited for the power to come back on!  We went to bed fairly early {11?}  Looking back, I would have stayed up longer and soaked up my last sleepover with my sister, but it completely spaced my mind that this weekend would be the last time we hung out before she moved. 

It's no longer two-toned!

Sunday | In an effort to let Adam sleep in for Father's Day, Alicia and I took the kids out for an early morning {7a} kayak ride.  It didn't work because when we got back, Adam had a big breakfast waiting for us.  Soon after, my parents and then sister & BIL came to hang out to boat & float for the day.  We go to my dad a tool he wanted, my fil a bench for the back of his Ranger, & Adam and iGrill & American Flag.  Later that afternoon/evening we grilled steaks and ate homemade ice cream with strawberry shortcake.

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  1. Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! Firefly Lane sounds amazing. It also looks like the slip-n-slide was a blast.

    1. It was! I wish I could show you all how amazing it is! Unfortunately, there is no we to photograph or video it to show how amazing it really is {believe me! I tried!!}

  2. I love that you did the slip n slide haha.

    1. It was so much fun! I know I've done one before, but it's been a LONG time! And let me tell you...they're more painful than you would imagine! ;)


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