Monday, June 24, 2013

June Weekends {Father's Day & Parent's Anniversary}

I always have such good intentions of blogging about our weekends {a life for that matter--I'm SO behind!} but before I know it we're celebrating another weekend and I haven't told you about the last.  So, here's a little recap of the last two...

It isn't summer until we gt watermelon photos of J!  Everything's better on a stick!  :)

Father's Day Weekend
In the summer, we try to go to 'unWINEd' at a local Winery on Thursday nights.  Due to weather, a vacation, and other commitments, this was the first night we were able to attend this year.  Either way, it was a great night {weather + company + live music}.  Ashley was in Haiti, so she wasn't there, but my other sister was able to join us since she was in town watching our Godson for a couple of days.

For the record...we won the paddleboat race!  Better luck next year Ashley & Myles!  :)

Friday night we went to Monte to help close the restaurant.  While this was not fun at all, it was great to be around family during this emotional time.  I took some photos and video of the restaurant this night so our kids would see what we are talking about since I know they're too young to remember it.

No worries...I changed into shorts about .0000032485 seconds after this photo--SO HOT! :)

All day Saturday was spent cleaning out the restaurant. Thankfully, my mom came down to watch my kids so I could be helpful {& my dad came down to help move stuff}.

Sunday {Father's Day} We decided we would take the day off.  The guys {Adam, my dad, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, and 2 nephews} got up early to go fishing.  They ended up catching 10 gallons of fish in 3 hours! :)  It was the most gorgeous day, so we {my in laws & my family} ended up spending the day outside at my brother & sister in laws house on Lake Silverado.  We had so much fun just hanging out, chatting and relaxing.  Oh, and having paddleboat races, golf cart rides, fun in the sprinkler, picking fresh strawberries... We couldn't have asked for a better day.  We grilled for lunch and that evening we had a huge fish fry.  Right before we left I snuck outside with Jordyn {& my mom and father-in-law} to get a few photos of Jordyn in her TeePee.  {Although she didn't want anything to do with a posed photo, so we got what we got!} :)  We had so much fun, but didn't get home until after 9pm {which is too late for a Sunday night}.  The only thing that could have made the day better is if my dad's gift {ordered June 3rd!} would have been here on time.  And if Adam's gift {also, in the mail!} would have come on time!  We got my dad a set of wireless speakers for his bedroom and Adam a set of copper mugs to make Moscow Mules.

Mom & Dad's {28th} Anniversary Weekend
We attended 'unWINEd' at a local Winery on Thursday night, for the second week in a row.  A few other friends were able to join us, so it was another great night.

Friday we celebrated the 1st day of summer by taking the kids to Adam's cousin's house to play in the pool.  I was a little nervous taking to kids under two to the pool by myself, but it ended up working out perfect!  That night we staying in Ankeny and hung out.  It was so nice to be home on a Friday night with no plans.  I have completely forgot what it was like to not cram cleaning and packing into the weekly schedule so we could leave for the lakehouse on Thursday or Friday night.  So Adam made us dinner at home and I spent much of the night cleaning and doing laundry before we watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' together.  It was okay, a little slow.  I went to bed and Adam stayed up to watch 'Sourcecode' of course he said it was awesome and I need to watch it, so now I have to find a time to watch it when he's gone and the kids aren't home...could be a while! :)

IG {@MurdocksMama} Photos from the past 2 weeks

Saturday was my parents 28th Wedding Anniversary.  We got them tickets for all of us to go to an Iowa Football Game this Fall.  So we're all looking forward to that!  :)  It was also our 2nd Annual Koeff Family Tubing Trip.  We drove into a few sprinkles on the way there and after last year we were a little concerned, but it turned out to be perfect tubing weather!  Sunny and 80's!  The water is SO HIGH this year {due to all of the rain/flooding} so it went pretty fast.  After tubing everyone came back to our condo and we grilled supper.  Alicia and Brad left after dinner and drove to St. Louis for the night before taking off early Sunday to drive to Florida for the next month {so excited for them--and jealous too!} :)

Who else checked out the Super Moon [Phone pic] this weekend?
Yesterday {Sunday} was spent lounging around.  The guys fixed a few things around the condo.  Most of us napped for a while.  And I finished 'Reflected in You.'  It was exactly what we needed!!

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