Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day Weekend | 2015

Good grief sleep has been brutal this week!  Last night alone, bedtime took almost two hours {I know, I know...we HAVE to address this soon!}, Jordyn snuck into bed with us, and Cullyn was up over three times, so my 5 hours of sleep is feeling a bit more the 3 right now.  It's like we have a newborn again, except no maternity leave this time! :)  The days are long, but the years are short, right?'s Thursday, which is my Friday so YAY!
On {last} Thursday night, we went to Jasper Winery with friends and listened to The Nadas as part of their Summer Concert Series.  The weather was perfect, so as you can see a few other people thought it would be the perfect night to come out. :)

Friday Adam worked and the kids and I went to the splash pad in town and then prepped for a weekend at the lake house.  Friday night we met Adam's family to grill out for his dad's birthday.  

Saturday we got up early and headed to Iowa City to meet my parents and siblings to celebrate my parents 30th Anniversary {I'll post separately about this later} and Father's Day with my dad.  

I would post this recipe, but has it turns out, it must better than it tasted, so I'll spare you! :)

Sunday Adam got up early and went fishing with his dad. When they got done, I made homemade biscuits and gravy and the kids had Adam open his gifts.  {we got him a few new shirts--like this one, a couple pair of shorts--like these, and a few other little things like this, this {picked out by Cullyn -- this was an expected pick.  He has taken over his sister's love for eating chapstick, this {picked out by Jordyn}, and a set of margarita glasses.  The fish were biting pretty good, so we decided to take the kids out for some fishing, too.  It was hot and the lake was starting to get busy, so we didn't last long before we decided to just drive around a bit.  We came inside and I made the guys margaritas and the kids laid down for naps.  The guys went and cleaned all of the fish they caught and grabbed the Ranger for the afternoon.  Later that night, all of Adam's family came over so we grilled and fried all of the fish.

The gift I wanted to get him, but they were sold out. :( {Yes, it's inappropriate, but he would have loved it!} Or this one.

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