Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Can you believe Valentine's Day is 1 week away?  

We don't go overboard for little holidays like Valentine's Day, but I do like to get the kids a little something {usually necessities of some sort since kids like to open anything} to make the day more fun.  I'm excited it's on a Sunday this year, so we'll be able to make a festive breakfast and spend the day together.

Here's what the kids will be getting this year…

Toddler Girl
Snacks | Plate | Kleenex | Hangers | Jammies | Chapstick

Toddler Boy
Undies | Snacks | Chapstick | Kleenex | Socks | Plate | Toy Boat

Previous Valentine's
2010 | Newlyweds
2012 | Jordyn's 1st
2014 | Cullyn's 1st
2015 | Last Year

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