Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's! [Photos + Gifts + Daycare Treats]

Jordyn was certainly not missed for Valentine's this year!  We [I] made a few treats for her daycare friends {& Miss Kristie}.  
We 'donut' know what we would do with you! [small box of donuts & Starbucks giftcard] for Miss Kristie.
I'm bubbling with excitement that you're my friend! [with bubbles] for the other kids.
Will you o'fish'ally be my valentine? [with Goldfish crackers] for the 6 month old.

Very blurry thanks to a very excited little girl!  

From us: Zebra Jammies | Valentine's Shirt | Pink Silverware | Homemade Heart Crayons
Giggling Doll from Gram & Papa | Owl hooded towel from Auntie Ash | Peek-A-Boo, I Love You Book form Auntie Esha


And just so you know...Murdock is still loved too! :)

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