Monday, February 15, 2010

FRIDAY [2.12.09]
We received a large package from my mom & dad for Valentine's Day.  It was filled with candy, cards, moola, kitchen towels [that read...'we woof you!'] and even treats for Murdock! :)  I have the best parents!

SATURDAY [2.13.09]
We celebrated Valentine's Day.  Instead of gifts we each chose something we wanted to do.  It worked out perfect because Adam wanted to go to the casino for a while [which could be done during the day] and I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner.  Adam lost his money [as he always does at the casino!] and I left $35 ahead [as I always do!].  We had a ton of fun & left -$15 for the day...not to shabby!  *Although Iowa has many smoking restrictions since July of 2006 & I forgot what it was like to be somewhere that still allows smoking...HOLY COW!  I lost like 13 years of my life while being there I think!  After that, we headed back home to get ready for our 7pm dinner reservation at 801 Grand.  It was FABULOUS!!!  I just love this place but can only justify it once a year [our bill was $160--1 glass of wine each & no dessert!]  I opted for no dessert [although it is fab as well!]  We have a friend that is the head chef at the Marriott Downtown [where we were engaged] that makes a mean smores dessert. So we walked over there [1 block away] and enjoyed dessert & another glass of wine.  IT WAS PERFECT! :)  *I was super bummed I forgot to take a photo of us all dolled up! :(
*Over dinner we decided to start a 'date night' once a week.  We came up with a ton of date ideas & decided we would draw for the next week's date at the end of the date before [that way we don't have to decide who plans the date].  I'm so excited...a date a week [once a month is a restaurant that neither of us have been to before!]  We want to start a family next year & thought this was a perfect way to take advantage of our 'last year alone!' :)

SUNDAY [2.14.09]
Our friends A&P invited us over for a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day brunch & games.  I forgot to take photos of the food but I got a couple other fun shots! :)

We headed home & did a few things around the house before ordering pizza in.  Oh yes...they had a special 'heart shaped pizza' so I was like what the hey...would you call this a 'heart shaped pizza'?!  I was a little disappointed! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend doing whatever it was that made your Valentine's Day special.  This one was my favorite one perfect since it was our first Valentine's Day as husband & wife! :)


  1. We got a heart shaped pizza too!

  2. Your date night plan is a good one. Just be sure to keep it going (maybe not every week) after you start your family. ;)

  3. I have been wanting to try 801 grand. My boss was telling me about it last week.

    I will have to wait for a special occasion, my hubby is a tight wad when it comes to dinner dates. haha

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Just found you blog-hopping. Great blog. Happy Valentine's Day! Looks like a great one. What a dorky pizza shape! lol!

    Your dinner sounds divine!!!

  5. We had a heart shaped pizza too, fun!

  6. Sounds like you had a great Valentines Day weekend!!! I love the date a week idea.

  7. Wow, $160 without dessert??? I bet the "moola" from your parents helped out with that! Isn't that the all-time best gift??

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  8. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Date night once a week is a good idea. I wish we could do that. I love that rose, so pretty! As for the heart shaped pizza...more like a normal pizza with boobs??

  9. That is the cutest picture of you smooching him on the cheek. Your parents rock! I would have loved that...minus the dog treats ;)

  10. That pizza looks yummmy! Glad you had a great first Valentine's Day together!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm now a follower too. =)
    We went to a casino last week in KC and I thought the EXACT same thing about the smoking. I had forgot what it was like to be in a public place that allows smoking since Wichita passed the smoke ban. Yuck!


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