Friday, February 18, 2011

{Charity Event}

Our Room..don't mind the 2974 refrigerator! :)

Our lovely friends...

The Hair.. [a high school senior did this for me!]

I can't believe I'm posting this..
1] I think I was making sure I didn't miss the photo!  2] I PROMISE this was staged!  3] I think I was singing here..  4] Oh dear god, the flabby arms!  I think I was trying to dance here..  5] See comment #4! 6] Whoops...had to sneak this one!  Cover your eyes! :)  7] I promise I didn't smoke anything before this photo [well at all!] even though my eyes may look differently!  8] Seriously..No idea!  I can't even guess where I was going with this one... What a night...that's all I can say!

 Happy Valentine's Day Hunny!


  1. I love your hair!!! How did she do it?! I would love it for a wedding I am in in August!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! You look great BTW! Love the dress too!

  2. 1* Love the crazy pics! They are my fav!! :)
    2* You guys look great and look like you had a blast!
    3* Love your dress! Glad you went short! Told ya! :)
    4* Love how you matched Adams tie to you!
    5* You are cool! :)
    6* Have a great weekend!!

  3. You two are precious, your dress and hair are GORGEOUS.! You both look great.!!

  4. You looked beautiful, I love your hair too! So glad you had fun.

  5. The hair is beautiful! and the dress, and the TAN!!! You look gorgeous.

  6. Not gonna lie.. I stared at the fridge forever trying to figure out what you meant by 2974 fridge... haha. THIS GIRL IS BLONDE! 1974... got it! Haha. And you looked super awesome! I love your dress and your hair! And have you been tanning, missy? Cause if not, I'm gonna be super jealous of that natural color you've got going on! :-)


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