Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family Date :: Bowling

Last Friday night we made plans to meet our friends, Jon & Jess and their two kids at Val-Lanes bowling alley. Adam and I bowled one time while dating, be before that I hadn't bowled since high school, so it was pretty comical!  To say our kids loved it would be an understatement!  Next time we're getting a lane for the kids and a lane for the adults because they kept stealing our turns.  I'm totally blaming them for my sub 80 score! ;)  None of the kids liked the little wooden thing that helps kids bowl.  They instead opted for the throw-it-from-your-chest and watch it bounce and then creeeeeep down the lane method. ;)  They were so stinking cute in those bowling shoes though, so we didn't even care!

Adam captured this one for me! ;)

More family dates for us this year...

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