Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Family Date :: Rock Climbing

Last Saturday, my sister and BIL were in town so we decided to go to Climb Iowa and rock climb.  It was the first time for most of us.  The rule is that you're at least 4 years old, but we managed to get Cullyn approved to climb with us.  Trust me, the kid can climb!  We all had an absolute blast.  Jordyn was a machine!  She kept wanting to climb more and more.  And I made it to the top, which was my ultimate goal for the day. We took a lunch break in the middle of the day and went to Mixed {I hadn't ever been there}.  It could have just been that the kids were exhausted, but they minded so well!  A sign that we might actually be able to start enjoying dinners out as a family!  I'm totally loving all of this family time we've had together recently!   

She thinks it's hilarious to make silly faces during photos!

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  1. What a fun experience! That first picture is completely heart-melting.


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