Thursday, January 21, 2016

Family Date :: Ice Skating

A couple of weeks ago now, it hit 39* {in Iowa!  Insane!} so we decided to take a family date to Brenton Skate Plaza.  Many years ago, Adam and I along with my sister a several friends went ice skating at this same outdoor rink in downtown Des Moines.  I would have been a bit more nostalgic had I actually been able to skate with Adam, however Cullyn was HATING it!  {Side note::super uncharacteristic of him & he was excited to go, so I'm not entirely sure where the fear came from.  It was so innocent it was funny rather than irritating}He refused to even try to skate, so Adam had to sit with him on the bench outside and watch.  Either way, it was an absolutely hilarious night.  We were all terrible, but we laughed and laughed and laughed!  When I tucked Jordyn into bed that night she could stop laughing about the night.  We said it was her best night ever! ;)  Love that girl to pieces!  

The best we could do!  Adam wasn't even there yet {he was running late from work}
Have you ever tried to keep yourself & your two toddlers {whom have never skating before} up on skates before?
While one is screaming at the top of his lungs & the other is laughing so hard she might pee her pants...all while everyone in the dsm metro is looking at you?  All I could do is laugh uncontrollably.  Thank goodness my sister was with me to capture it help with the madness. 
Also?  Nearly every photo from here on out will be blurry because moving people + low light does not equal perfection.  However...these photos take me to a happy place in a millisecond, so they stay! :)

Not intentional...haha!

Such a special night!

Video from the night can be found here & here

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