Thursday, January 28, 2016

Family Date :: Skiing

Last Sunday we took advantage of the overcast, warmer {for January in Iowa} weather by going skiing at SevenOaks.  We've made this an annual thing. {only documented in 2010, 2012, 2015 apparently}  

Jordyn did so much better than last year!  She loved the rope tow & kept begging to go to the 'big' hill. I'm pretty sure she'll be able ride the chair lift and go down the 'big' hill {green} with Adam next year.   

As for Cullyn…he was pretty irritated at first that he was slowed down and kept saying {crying} 'I can't do it' {similar to our ice skating experience earlier this month} This was a shock because he loved skiing so much last year!  Luckily he was much more willing to try this {I think that's because he knew he couldn't ride the rope tow if he wasn't going to ski--haha!} Once he finally did a few runs, he realized how much fun it was and loved it.  He's a great skier {awesome balance, even better speed-haha} however he has no interest in pizza-pieing {spreading the back of the skis to STOP!} ;)

I wish you could smell this. 


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    1. It always it! I'll be honest, I always dread all the work it is to get us there, but it's always worth it!


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