Monday, June 1, 2015

This & That {w. 22}

Happy, Happy Birthday to my baby sis!!  You're easily one of the most easy going, kind, loveable people I know-I'm so lucky to have you as my sis!  I hope you have an awesome day!  We love you!
Did this:
Adam & my BIL installed new white, wood doors at the lakehouse
Watched The Boy Next Door
Had several photoshoots for work
Went to an iCubs game
Took Jordyn shopping & out for ice cream
Had a picnic at the Better Homes & Garden test garden
Went to a Splash Pad
Watched our youngest nephew's piano recital
Went to our youngest niece's softball game
Worked a ton on the backyard at the lakehouse allll weekend!
Smoked a pork butt & had friends over for the evening
Made s'mores around the campfire
Kept our youngest niece overnight Saturday & to play all day Sunday
Hauled away {& burned} our lakehouse couch {holla!!!}

Instagrammed that:

Edited this:

Shot that:

Scheduled this:
F: A Photo


  1. So how was The Boy Next Door?

    Love the idea of the white doors, so fresh and clean looking.

    1. It was good. Pretty intense, but actually better than I thought it would be. Yes...that's exactly how I feel about the doors!! :) It's been so fun to start making 'fun' {wants} purchases for the lakehouse instead of all needs {read: soffit & facia, dirt, gravel, etc.!}

  2. It was VERY suspenseful -- although I'm a huge chicken, haha!
    I'm hoping to post a few photos of the lakehouse soon! :)

  3. I watched the boy next door a few weeks ago - wasn't a huge fan actually. Very graphic ending, what did you think? Love the new doors at the lake house, what a fresh change!

    1. was graphic! But it was better than I thought it was going to be.


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