Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jordyn + Cullyn 22|52

I had the hardest time narrowing the photos down this week, so two for each kid...

Jordyn | at the BH&G test garden :: splashing in the mud puddle at the lakehouse

Cullyn | helping daddy load wood :: relaxing & cooling down after hard work with the big boys
{ kids pretty much look this dirty the entire 48 hours of our lake weekends!}

Splashing in mud puddles never gets old for my kids! :)


  1. What a pretty garden! So cute.

    1. I know...definitely a hidden gem in Des Moines, IA! :) I'm so glad we found it!

  2. These photos are awesome!! I love this post idea, such a good one. Ok now I need boy names - GO!

    1. Yes, you should start it! :)
      Uffda! Names...definitely a HARD part of pregnancy! I'll start thinking for you! ;)


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