Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dating Your Kids | Unique Date Ideas

So many people have been interested in the monthly dates I take the kids on.  So I thought I would do a little post on it.

My favorite 'trick' or suggestion if you will, is to take your kid{s} on a date the date of their birthday.  For instance, Cullyn was born on April 19th, so I try to make his date on the 19th of every month.  And Jordyn was born October 23rd, so we go on our date on the 23rd of each month.  I do this partly so I don't forget {so I'm not taking the kids on a date the last day of every month} Also because it adds variety to our dates {sometimes we have to sneak in breakfast dates or post bath dates} Plus our weekends are usually crammed with other stuff and don't offer a lot of time to take the kids solo. It's simple and easy to remember, and adds variety--works for me!

The other thing people are always asking for is date ideas.  We all think of the obvious, dinners, movies, bowling, park play dates, etc. {all dependent upon age, of course!}  Speaking of age, we started this when Jordyn turned 18 months {Cullyn was a newborn and we thought it would be important to let her have some one on one time with us}.  So you truly can do this with almost any age kid.  Here are a few of my ideas {again pick and choose what works best for your climate, age of children, monthly budget, etc.}


Dance lessons
Go golfing/ to the driving range
Kick a soccer ball
Play baseball/basketball
Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt
Rock Climbing
Shoot hoops
SkyZone/Jump House
Take a fitness class {of any level--at the gym or kids tumbling}
Toss a football


Enjoy a silly progressive dinner {Chick-Fil-A for appetizers, McDonalds for dinner, Dairy Queen for dessert} 
Go for dessert {ice cream, froyo, cupcakes--whatever!}
Go on a Picnic {regular, fast food, or pizza-->my kids' favorite!}
Go out to breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner
Pretend to be a food critic/make dinner at home and pretend you're hosting a cooking show
Take your son to fancy restaurant and teach him how to be a gentleman {opening doors, appropriate dinner conversation, silverware rules, pulling out chairs, picking up the tab, etc.}


Airplanes {watch them take off/land}
Batting Cages
Birthday Day {skip school & do what they love}
Book store
Car Ride {to a favorite/meaningful place}
Cooking Class
Concert {indoor/outdoor/professional/local}
Fire/Police Station
Fly a Kite
Go Carts
Hair Studio
History {real or your history -- childhood school/home/college}
Library {take turns turns reading to each other}
Mini Golf
Movie {Theatre, home, drive in, or outdoor--don't forget popcorn!}
Music Class
Nail/Hair Salon {Manicures/Pedicures -- salon or buy polish & do at home}
Pet store/humane society
Play {live at a civic center/high school/performing arts center}
Play Place {mall, restaurant, etc}
Pottery/art studio
Science/Art center
Shopping {Boutique for girls, Bass Pro for boys}
Spa {real or home}
Special Trip {Disney at 11, Ocean at 17, etc.}
Sunset Watching
Watch a game {basketball, baseball, bowling, softball, football, etc.}


Feed the Ducks
Ice Skating
Play at the Park

One thing I've long as I show excitement for our one on one time, the kids are thrilled.  I could say we're going on a 'date' to the dentist and they would be thrilled.  Okay, maybe not.  But you get my point.  Have fun. Make it about them.  Do something they love, or do something completely new to them.  As long and you're focusing on each other it probably doesn't matter what you're 'doing' :) 

And a video of a really sweet date...


  1. Love love love this. We are so starting this!! SOON!! I'll come back to this post many times for sure!

    1. Thanks...I'm excited to hear about your dates! :)


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