Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dining on Anna Maria Island, FL

Okay, this is my last Florida post {considering I've been to Mexico twice since then, it's probably time to wrap this series up--haha!} :)

With the exception of the day after the wedding, when we went here for breakfast, and a couple of days when we ordered pizza to the condo, the only meal we went out for was dinner each night.

Skinny's | This was our first dinner on the island, we had only be in town about 30 minutes, so my camera was still in my bag.  Adorable 'restaurant'.  Burgers and beers.  A 1/2 block from our rental house.  Super cheap. Sand floors & picnic tables.

Island Time | This was our first group dinner. Adorable restaurant.  Unfortunately, it was hot outside and the kids were tired and not really feeling dining out this evening, so we cut out pretty early.  They had a guy making balloon creatures for the kids. :)

You can see their moods in this photo! :)

Barefoot Tiki Bar | This is where everyone met the night before the wedding. It was the cutest restaurant we went to.  The service isn't the greatest, but they have live music, a fun washer game, and water bowls for your pup.  Plus it's all outdoors, so bonus points for that! {We left this restaurant early to take Jordyn to Urgent Care--Cullyn went the day before--you'll notice they look off in these photos, too.}

Girls in the wedding

Doing anything to keep them happy :(
Sick eyes.  About 10 minutes before she puked {luckily we had just got to the car}
Sick boy who had went to Urgent Care for his ears the day before
It's SUPER hard to see but she's holding this little ring that's tied to a string, that she swings to hook the nail.  Harder than it sounds//promise! :)
The Sandbar | This was venue for the wedding reception.  Very similar to the Tiki Bar the night before.  Way better food.  Outdoor seating.  Sand. Biggest restaurant on the island.  Adorable.  You can see lots of photos here.

Rod & Reel Pier | This was the only place we had a wait {it was brutal with two kids two and under on the gate-less pier.  I was very thankful for the extra hands our family provided!}  People fished off the pier.  Best view of the sunset.

I was scared to death the entire time that one of my kids was going to fall into the water.

A few places we grabbed cocktails...Lobstahs {great food}, Harry's {would go back to}, and D Coy Ducks {complete dive!} Noteworthy--many places on the island serve just beer and wine because of the expense of a liquor license.  

Our favorite place for ice cream treats... Joes Eats and Sweets

Have you been to Anna Maria Island?
If so, where did you fill your belly?


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