Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Florida | The Drive [w/ two kids 2 and under]

It only makes sense to start with the drive... just over a month ago, we packed and loaded the minivan up and traveled Griswold style across the country. :) {over 2900 miles for the curious minds!}

We left around 5:30p on Wednesday, July 2nd.  Averaging 7 stops each way, we arrived in Anna Maria Island, FL at 6:30p on Thursday, July 3rd {which included a time change of 1 hour, making it 24 hours of driving}.

We used a neat little app called PhoneTracker App so our family watch our progress.  {sidenote: it used a LOT of data since it PING'd every 10 minutes}

On our way down to Florida, we stopped at Lookout Mountain in Tennessee.  Sadly, with the time change, we arrived 2 hours before they opened.  You're supposed to be able to see 7 states from this spot.  From what we could see, it looked like nothing, so we opted to hop back in the car and keep on going.  :(  I already said this on Facebook, but I felt like the Griswalds' when they drove across the country to Walley World only to find out it was closed for the week. I was disappointed, but thankful we didn't drive out of our way for it.  Either way, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs, and now we can say 'we've been there!' :)

Adam & I played this game on the way there and back.  Sadly, we only saw 37 different states represented.  I'm blaming this on traveling so much at night.

We had fun trying to catch the state line signs at 80 mph! :)

The ride to Florida was AMAZING!  Far beyond my expectations!  I would highly recommend leaving at night if you're traveling a long distance.  The kids did wonderful staying entertained with movies {Frozen & Dunston Checks In mainly!}, coloring books, books, flashcards, toys, and food {lots of food!} :)
Maybe I'll write a full post on traveling long distances with a 1 and 2 year old sometime.

The way home however, we learned how not to travel with 2 kids 2 and under! :)  We left Orlando, FL and drove to somewhere between Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN before stopping in a hotel for the night.  We left around 8a to drive the remainder of the trip home.  Let's just say we even meds didn't help.  It was a loooong day for everyone!  We even contemplated staying at the lakehouse {one hour before we got home} just to be done for the night.  However, right as we were getting to our lake town, the kids fell asleep.  Go figure.  We all survived and we're here to tell about it, but I'm pretty sure my husband would have paid triple the asking price for any airline ticket by that point!  And no, against my better judgement, I did not say 'I Told You So!'  #ImAMuchNicerWifeThanThat :)

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  1. You guys totally made the best of a long drive. Ok and have I mentioned lately that your kids are SO flippin cute!! Man I love them. Road trip to Canada - yes?!!!


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