Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday Wishlist | 2014 {28 Years}

Pretty much every year I end up making a birthday wishlist.  And even if I don't end up getting anything off of it, I always find it fun{ny} looking back at these lists.

Last year we didn't exchange gifts, instead Adam took me to several different restaurants I had ever been to and we tried all kinds of new food & drinks. I loved this idea and told him I want to do it every year. So, this year, I would be happy trying a few new restaurants again.  However, I would also be happy if we skipped big gifts and fancy restaurants {we've been blessed with several kid-free date nights recently, plus both are every expensive and we've had a spendy summer, and lastly our schedule is just crazy the weekend of my birthday} and instead shared a homemade chocolate {BTS, preferably} cake baked and decorated by my husband and kids.  Two kids sitting on my lap helping me blow out all 28 candles is not optional, but a must!  :)

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